Nearly 40% of U.S.-listed stocks are loss-making

WSJ: Money-Losing Companies Mushroom Even as Stocks Hit New Highs

The percentage of listed companies in the red is close to 40%

The Ghosts of 2000: NorthmanTrader

I made the point that the action by the Fed is similar to what it did in the run up to Y2K. Once that was over Greenspan withdrew liquidity and markets crashed.

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Jeremy Siegel Worries the Hot 2020 Stock Market Could Collapse

“I’m a little bit worried that if it continues much longer that something will puncture it and people will get off the train,”

Americans Own a Lot of Stock Right Now and That’s a Bad Sign

This indicator, which boasts one of the best track records of all in forecasting the market’s 10-year return, is still projecting well-below-average gains.

DOW 29,000…