Nearly HALF of Americans Can’t Pay Their Bills! U.S. Economic Crisis Rapidly Unfolding!

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The economy is not one sided. That’s for certain. Just by choosing a particular set of statistics, we can think that the economy is doing great. Sure, you can stick your head in the sand and pretend everything is just fine, but that won’t change reality. If we look closely at ALL of the statistics, we get to piece everything together and figure out the truth.

In your opinion, do the statistics we are provided like U3 unemployment represent reality?

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Behind the latest rosy jobs figures, here’s the ‘true state’ of Americans’ financial lives – MarketWatch

As housing costs rise, many people are falling behind on other bills

Southern California suffers its worst housing slump in over a decade

San Francisco-area home sales suffer slowest September in 11 years

New York City Owes Over $100 Billion for Retiree Health Care – Bloomberg

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