Negotiations for second stimulus check gives us less money, but will be extending unemployment benefits.

So while these idiots are taking a vacation, Pelosi, Mitch, and some of the other senators are negotiating on the next package that the White House treasury Steven Mnuchin said would be agreed on and signed by Trump before July 31st. So we all know the people who actually risk everything by working got nothing but the one check of 1200. Those who were laid off got 600 a week to do nothing. Now the updates behind the scenes has the Republicans agreeing to an extension of the unemployment benefits again to those who wont get off their ass. In return, not only will the stimulus check go to those who make 40k or less, but it will now be smaller than the $1200 amount. So once again the Government screws the people who are working, while your neighbor sits on his a$$ at home and collects free effing money every week. If they pass this like this, Eff all of them. I will be voting every idiot I can that approves this.

Everything is so out of wack and if Biden wins the election, I promise we haven’t seen anything yet. Even worse, if Biden wins the election and the Democrats get the Senate back, it’s game over. If anyone should be getting a bonus check, it’s the Americans who are going to work everyday during a pandemic. It’s like when you have an issue at a store, you act normal and the manager says sorry. If Karen comes in and yells and goes crazy, she gets rewarded. It seriously pisses me off.

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