Neutralizing SARS-CoV-2 Virus With Heat

by Ision

It seems many people here are misinformed about the heat requited to kill the coronavirus pathogen, as they are failing to note the difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius scales.

If you think 86 Fahrenheit will neutralize the coronavirus, think again.  Do you cook your chicken to an internal temperature of 86 F degrees?   I didn’t think so.

One should apply at least 186.5 F degrees for 10 minutes in order to neutralize this virus.

If you wish to neutralize the possible virus upon a used mask, which is still moist from your breath, you CAN use your microwave oven, which will act to dry the mask…and as it does…also vibrate certain molecules within a virus, which will cause it to inactivate it.  The hot water vapor released by microwaving a moist mask, will also reduce the ability of the virus to transmit its internal heat, caused by the microwaves, to the fibers of the mask, upon which it is stuck.

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No need to saturate the mask with water…it can just be damp.

While this is not the approved way to sterilize a mask, which most authorities simply tell you to toss after one use…it will definitely result in “cleaner” mask.

You see, the standard frequency of the home microwave will neutralize a virus, IF the virus cannot shed its internal heat build up to the surface it is in contact with.  So, floating virus can be killed, and virus with only slight contact with a surface can be killed, and a virus..which is in solid contact with a surface can be killed…IF the surface is hot enough to disallow heat dissipation from the hot virus.  So, the steam, at plus 186.5 degrees, aids to remove thermal insulation for the virus.

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One can also place used masks in a PRESSURE COOKER, on your stove.  This autoclave for the home will provide both the required pressure and heat needed to kill the virus completely.  A PRESSURE CANNING pot is ideal.  Place the mask inside a quart size canning jar, seal..and put them in the canning pot.  Pressure cook at 10-15 psi for about 10 minutes…done.  The jar, when cooled, will contain a sterile mask in a sealed vacuum.  The canning jar may then be handled safely, and reused.