Nevada Judge Orders Metro To Release All October 1 Videos And Documents From Las Vegas Massacre – Plus A Question I Have.

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by Ruby Henley
We need to thank District Court Judge Richard Scotti, who has ruled that videos and documents from October 1, 2017 be released by the Vegas Metro Police.  We are talking here about surveillance video, evidence logs, body camera footage, dispatch logs, 911 calls, search warrant returns, and information on weapons obtained.  Surely Judge Scotti is one of the good guys!
However, anything involving ammunition dealer, Douglas Haig will be withheld due to his right to a fair trial.  That is as it should be.  We The People are fair-minded, and we only ask for what is right.

UPDATE: A judge has ordered Metro to release ALL public records related to 1 October
-surveillance video
-body cam video
-dash cam video
-911 calls
-evidence logs
-dispatch info
-info on weapons”

In response, the attorney for the Metro said it would take some time, as so much had to be redacted.
Judge Scotti responded as a judge for We The People should have:  “Doesn’t the public have a right to know that its government is doing its job?  That they are safe?  That the government officials are acting with proper responsibility?”
Finally someone who is looking out for We The People!  God bless Judge Scotti and keep him safe!
According to the preliminary investigative report Sheriff Lombardo shared with the public last month, investigators looked at 21,560 hours of video and 251,099 images.  I hope all of that will be released, but who knows?
The lawyer for Metro,  Nick Crosby says he believes Metro will be releasing “thousands” of pages of documents and “hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of hours” of video.  

RJ attorney @VegasMaggieEsq: “The idea that Sheriff Lombardo has published a report and that’s good enough just isn’t the case. Again, while we appreciate the report, we appreciate the press conferences, the public has a right to assess the actual facts for itself.”
Replying to @AdamHerbets @VegasMaggieEsq
“Who, other than Lombardo, is fighting to keep the evidence withheld from the public? And more importantly, why?”
One for the American people!  We finally got one.  I am excited and thankful for this Judge and others pushing for these records.
Judge Scotti will be checking back on March 7 on the progress of redactions on the documents.
Here is some information, which has already been released:
These include E-mails,  Marilou Danley information, Instagram, cell phone records, and purchases from Amazon.
2.Throughout the 300 pages of FBI search warrants, agents repeatedly used the same sentence, at least a dozen times. to describe what they found inside the Mandalay Bay.
3.“Officers and Agents found over 20 firearms, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and hundreds of spent shell casings in the Mandalay Bay hotel rooms, in close proximity to Paddock’s body.”
4.It is unclear why the FBI would state there were only “hundreds” of spent shell casings inside the room Paddock used to carry out this mass shooting, considering at least 600 people were hit. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has stated that, thankfully, the majority of Paddock’s shots did not land. If this is true, one would think that agents would have found thousands of casings — not “hundreds.”
5.Throughout other areas of the documents, the investigators wrote they found “over a thousand rounds” inside Paddock’s car and “over a thousand rounds” inside Paddock’s Mesquite residence. Still, only “hundreds” inside the Mandalay Bay.
FOX5 Vegas – KVVU
Here is a report on a very strange incident.  A Las Vegas police officer has been taken into custody after a standoff.  
FOX5 Vegas – KVVU
Officer Bret Theil has been charged with child abuse, and he has two children of his own.  The really strange fact in this incident he is one of the officers who helped breach Stephen Paddock’s door on October 1, 2017.  It is also being reported he is suicidal.  
I pray his children are well and will be taken care of.  It sounds like he is a truly evil man.
A grand jury returned indictments on Wednesday on Theil for six counts of first-degree kidnapping of a minor, five counts of lewdness with a child under the age of 14, six counts of sexual assault with a minor under 14 years, four counts of sexual assault with a minor under sixteen years, four counts of sexual assault, and two counts of child abuse, neglect or endangerment.
I wonder if these are his children, who are the victims of this sexual abuse?
Here is a video about what is happening in Las Vegas at this time.

Published on Feb 7, 2018
It’s a troubling statistic, 20 people have been killed in Las Vegas in the last 38 days.

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A Clark County District Court Judge has ordered the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to release all evidence no longer necessary to the October 1 mass shooting investigation.  This information is in addition to the search warrants that another judge ordered to be released last week.  These records include 9-1-1 calls, police body camera footage, surveillance video, photos and video from phone cameras.
Here is something I ran across while doing this report.  I find it very interesting.

A group of gang members were arrested not long after the Las Vegas massacre.  I feel, and this is just my own opinion, this could be connected to the massacre.
The operation was called Operation Spartan Fist.  It took place on October 19, 2017.
I will not name anyone here, but a person on YouTube, who has been investigating the Las Vegas massacre mentioned that a Mexican gang was involved with Stephen Paddock.  He said it is possible that Paddock was running guns and drugs to this gang on the Arizona border.  However, this is only information from one person, and it is not validated.
Back to this arrest… “Vegas-area police and federal law enforcement agencies have crippled a longtime area gang, indicting most of its members in a state racketeering case, the first in Nevada targeting an entire organization, authorities said.
Operation Spartan Fist netted 21 suspects in connection with two murder cases, several attempted murder incidents, drug trafficking and robbery, Clark County Assistant Sheriff Tom Roberts said Thursday. They may also be linked to a third murder.  Roberts refused to name the gang, which originated in North Las Vegas and has been operating in the valley since the 1990s, saying he wanted to avoid giving it notoriety and publicity.
The gang operated in North Las Vegas and the northeast valley but was trying to expand, officials said.
“Las Vegas is a safer place today with these individuals behind bars, and we want to send a strong message to gang members who live in Las Vegas and those who come to Las Vegas and believe they can conduct criminal activity without impunity,” said Roberts, who was flanked by local and federal officials as a slideshow of mug shots, weapons and drugs flashed on a screen.
Additionally, during the investigation, which kicked off in May, three guns and an assault rifle were intercepted by authorities, possibly preventing further violent acts, Roberts said. The charges stem from crimes committed from January 2013 to October, court documents show.
NOTE:  CRIMES COMMITTED FROM JANUARY 2013 TO OCTOBER.  QUESTION: Could Stephen Paddock have been associated with this gang, or could he have been an undercover agent planted to trap this gang, but it went terribly wrong resulting in the massacre?  I am only asking this question…no one else!  COULD THE LAS VEGAS MASSACRE HAVE BEEN A PART OF SPARTAN FIST?

27 thoughts on “Nevada Judge Orders Metro To Release All October 1 Videos And Documents From Las Vegas Massacre – Plus A Question I Have.

  1. Looks like Operation No Loose Ends is underway in Vegas, cleaning up anyone who saw or participated in the Paddock Did It bullshit nonsense.

    • Occams, my report is factual, and I feel there could very well be a connection between Operation Spartan Fist and the massacre. I can never figure out if your are being sarcastic or degrading me again.

      • I’ve never ‘degraded’ you. Only pointed out your religion clouds your judgment at times, as you IMMEDIATELY assumed Vegas WAS “Islamic religion terrorists” – ISIS – and wouldn’t let go of that.
        No, this – despite unknown and perhaps even conflicting motives – gets further and further down the rabbit hole, and my point was all of these murders appear to be a mopping up operation of anyone who possibly helped – or said something on the street about what they saw.
        I 100% appreciate ALL efforts pursuing this mess, because as soon as the REAL FACTS began to surface, MSM quickly dumped the story…..
        Save for a ‘day of remembrance for the dead and wounded in Amerika’s largest mass-shooting ever” that they’ll milk to death, 1 year from now.

        • Thanks for givin Ruby some support. As you say, an open mind is required. I personally believe as it is now it was a FED Op that went bad and Paddock and Jesus were part of it. Just that Jesus got away. Whether it was a black op by the Saudis to take out the Prince or a gun runnin bust that was compromised, or who knows what, we DO KNOW it is NOT what they say!

          • Mac, I believe it is very close to being solved by the YouTube channel BLACKSTONE INTELLIGENCE. Right now the man who owns that channel is being threatened, and we need to pray for him. He indicates that Paddock was running guns and drugs to the Arizona border connected to the Mexican cartel. That is why I am feeling there may be some connection to this arrest of this gang. I think we are going to see this man break it pretty soon.

          • You and he MAY be right. But never rule out any thing else, even when the mater is settled. These scum have so many Patsies lined up, the true perps and motive may never be seen. Just look at the JFK assassination!
            PS: Remember Satan is the Father of ALL lies and according to the Quran one of the 99 names for Allah is the Master of Lies!
            If a MOB did do this, and the revenues for Vegas are still really hurtin, a lot of scum will be sleepin in da desert!

          • The FBI is trying to set Jake up, who works under the name of Blackstone Intelligence. He was in Vegas for quite awhile. He says he knows Paddock was basically undercover, running guns and drugs to a Mexican cartel. It sounds like they found out and let him have it on the night of Oct. 1. I imagine if this is true, the cartel then carried out the massacre. As far as the Saudi Prince story, I did an article on that, and it came out after that the Prince was not in Vegas. I still wonder if I was right. I am leaning toward what Jake at Blackstone Intelligence has discovered. He just hired a lawyer, as the FBI has called him, among other things. I think he is in great danger.

          • I definitely believe that Paddock was a blackmailed pedo gubermint stooge who ran guns and laundered money for da gubermint. What we know so far is it was a gun deal gone bad. From the list of the guns that was supposed to be bought and pushed by him it is unlikely they were planed to be used to do a major arming of a Terrorist cell or drug gang.
            Now it does appear he did select purchases for a group that could be either. Therefore it is safe to assume the buyers knew in advance that Paddock was bein used to set them up and they planned a major spankin to the Agencies that they’d never forgit.
            So logically it could have been used as a diversion to wack a Saudi Royal, a local terrorist group (most likely Islamic inspired) or just plain shootin to teach the Agencies a lesson.
            If it was a just ole South of da Border spankin, surely the Drug cartel Bosses would know that Vegas would be strongly adversely affected. These top Drug dudes are NOT only vicious animals, but they are very intelligent and manipulative to make it to the top of their murderous organizations. Even if da MOB no longer own Vegas, it sure appears the Globalist do so THEY have an easy non-traceable money laundry operation. If someone/group messed with dat, they would PAY!
            May G-d bless Jake also. Just remember that THEY will throw out a lot of fake clues to throw us off from findin the Truth! We learned/studied ALL that in Special Forces Intel Courses.

          • I tell people; “You REALLY want to know all the details of 9/11? Then waterboard Cheney or Nuttyahoo. Otherwise, suffice to say THEY did it, but arguing the ‘how’ is pointless”
            I always support Ruby. I just tried to steer her away from Christians vs Muslims original premise of Vegas, when it was obvious from the beginning something else was going on.
            Since when would ISIS need weapons, when the US military and government are happy to provide them with EVERYTHING?

          • True, however Domestic Terrorist would want to purchase weapons and ammunition through a third party , even if they can git it themselves, so as to reduce the possibility of it being traced back to them.

          • mmmm. All the US has to say is they were stolen. Like the airdrops to ISIS in Syria; “Oooops. Our bad”, but whatever this was, it wasn’t ISIS

          • True, but in the USA this is simpler! I’m sue the lower rungs of the Terrorist leadership would go bonkers if they knew they were puppets of the Globalist!

      • “Diazepam is a sedative-hypnotic drug in the class of benzodiazepines, which studies have shown can trigger aggressive behavior.
        Paddock’s toxicology results also showed concentrations of substances associated with benzodiazepines, drugs prescribed for conditions such as anxiety, insomnia and agitation, Labay stated.
        The bullet that killed Paddock entered the roof of his mouth and traveled to the back of his head and then upward without exiting his body, leaving fractured bones along the way, the report says. Paddock also had scrapes on his right upper calf and knee and a bruise on his left calf.”
        From Drudge: By JEFF GERMAN / Las Vegas Review-Journal
        February 9, 2018 – 3:26 pm
        So the autopsy mentions crazy drugs which are found in MOST mass shooters and scrapes and bruises on his calves. Is it a cover up since some claim he was shot in both calves? Who knows!
        So next, what calibers and how many weapons do the bullets match that are recovered from the bodies and surroundings! As a side note, any more word on the Waco Motorcycle shootout? That didn’t sound right to me either.

        • Mac, IWB is switching again to the new website theme, and it may be a while before it is up to stay. I just did a new article on Las Vegas, and it was one I felt more than any other. I knew for the first time what I was truly seeing and feeling this…as facts were not there…it was simply a hap-hazard chaotic mix of material the human mind could not put together. I knew then it was the occult…the NWO/Luciferians human sacrifice at the man-made Temple modeled after the original occultists the Aztecs and the Egyptians. We have reached a point in our development here that technology has achieved what they needed to control the mind of man. Paddock thought he was mind-controlled…that is in my new report, which will be posted soon. However, I found the following link AFTER i finished the report to be published soon. When I read this
          I almost passed out in shock. This is what I was coming to, and what we must know at this time….more than any other time in history is we are staring the BEAST in the face. It is upon us, and the only tool we have to fight is not a tool at all…it is what we have refined all of our lives…our belief system…our faith and trust in the Savior Jesus Christ, who literally came here to sacrifice for us. He spilled His blood upon this Earth to fight against the human sacrifice we are now looking at. They mock Him by sacrificing us again and again to their god, Lucifer. Christ is Lucifer’s opponent on this earth, and we must not fear losing our earthly existence to the point we give up our faith to fear. We cannot sacrifice our soul to keep our body. They want us to FEAR what we spiritually know Las Vegas represents. When we do that it makes us weak enough to control. Only by being God oriented from head to toe…from inside to out….can we carry on in this spiritual battle. If we must shed our blood on this earth to stand beside Christ, then we must do it. We must move forward in faith and trust in the path of Christ…putting all else aside, as Christ is the key to understanding Las Vegas.

          • Thanks for the link. It is definitely Satanic what is goin on. The ultimate proof that it is ALL lies is that Jesus originally got shot at the end of the shootin and the shootin stopped. Changed to he got shot, what 3 minutes before the shootin began? How does one screw up that time line so badly!!!???

        • I just realized something I left out in my new report. The casings were found on top of the blood from his head wound. Also, according to what I read the actual number of casings would have been massive, and that was not the case. Plus, it said the casings would have burned the carpet as they hit the ground. Does that make sense at all?

          • Ya, I’ve been readin that casings were on TOP of his body for a while. Also the girlfriend should be able to tell HOW his legs got so banged up some people thought they were shot. Has a new timeline been established for the girlfriend yet?
            I do know if you git hot brass ejected on you it will burn you. I doubt it would burn a rug, but it may melt it a tad. I’ll ask some combat door kickers I know and git back with ya when your back up.
            I would assume several people got injuries from the same bullet/shrapnel. On the other hand many bullets would hit nothin, especially fired in the “bump stock” mode. However If I were to guess I’d be surprised if there were less than a thousand expended cartridges on the floor if there were but one shooter. Just an unfounded hunch.

    • It is in my new report, but they found only valium in his system….his brain was normal, and they said the cause of death self-inflicted gunshot to the head….not surprise…it was exactly what they wanted.

  2. By the way, they will never release the calibers, nor how many weapons, nor if the bullets match that are recovered from the bodies below. They will not release any of that…ever.

  3. Unfortunately the judges orders do not include security camera footage from the hotel. What about the Belagio and other places that were shot up also? That alone discredits the “lone gunman” narrative.

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