Never Ending Scam

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by Chris Black

If it is true that COVID is coming to an end (I’ll believe it when it actually happens), then it’s time to go on the offensive. For the last two years, the elites have subjected the world to dangerous medical experiments, economic ruin, and psychological torture all predicated on a lie.

Their response to COVID should be the disaster that discredits them. Don’t simply move on. COVID appears to be a gateway to the much larger climate agenda and the infrastructure for a digital ID social credit system is now in place. Do not allow them to regain any of the trust they have lost with you or your friends and family.

The climate agenda can only work if it is received with the same amount of trust in the institutions that COVID was initially. So, let’s get ahead of the game and meet it with the same distrust and resistance which has been built up against the COVID agenda.

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PS: If your response to COVID winding down is to lambast the people who raised the alarm bells as boomer, Qtard conspiracy theorists rather than using it as an indictment against the elites themselves, then you’re part of the problem.

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