Sara Carter on Hannity: “I’ve heard indictments may be around the corner.” Hannity: “Top DOJ officials [should] be very nervous tonight”

Sara Carter: “I’ve also been hearing that indictments
may be around the corner so there’s a lot more information
that’s going to come out in the near future.”

Hannity: “If I was Hillary – if I was some of these top DOJ
officials, I think I’d be very nervous tonight about what
could be coming. You all agree with that? Real quick.”

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Sara Carter: “That’s what I was just going to say – it is
going to happen. It will happen, Sean.”



So if Matthew Whitaker was very well aware of all of the Killary crimes in Aug 2016, clearly he was paying close attention. By now he would have a very clear picture of how corrupt Killary & Obozo were…. and many high level officials within the DOJ, FBI, CIA, DNC………… He needs to immediately round up Rat Rodentstain and Wray… and hold their feet to the fire! The house of cards was only held together by Sessions inaction’s.

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