New Barbie Doll Wearing Hijab – In America A Little Girl Will Look Into Her Mirror And Wrap A Scarf Around Her Head.

by Ruby Henley
I know this new Barbie doll is supposedly modeled after Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, but isn’t that a sly way to invade the innocent minds of American children?   In saying that, I always knew  Sharia law would somehow fill the bowels of this Country, but I did not know exactly how.  I could not understand how such an evil concept could really become acceptable to Americans, especially with the rise of the terrorist group ISIS.
We as Americans have seen the graphic beheadings of Christians, and we know the cult of Islam calls for the destruction of those who are not of that cult.  Most of all, we as Americans know that Islamic sharia law at its core is an evil debasement of women.   A woman living under the rule of sharia law is treated as mere chattel.
Just as a man owns an expensive car, he keeps it under lock and key.  Under sharia law a husband keeps his wife/property under the same lock and key.  Any excuse will suffice under sharia law to debase and abuse women – that is the bottom line.  Just as Islam provides an excuse to destroy those who do not believe; thus, is sharia law.
With this creation of the Barbie doll going from “American pie” to, as Chelsea Clinton puts it, “Shero”…make no mistake about it…sharia law has deeply embedded itself in the hearts and minds of this Country.  Again while Americans are sleep walking, asleep at the wheel, and shopping at Wal-Mart, “Shero” Barbie will casually be thrown into the buggy. Later that night a little girl, while playing in her room, will look in a mirror and wrap a scarf around her head.

I don’t think Chelsea Clinton is gaining support for her praise of this Barbie doll.  Women on twitter are showing they at least understand what sharia law is.  
While Hillary Clinton has sold her soul to gain power in politics, one would hope her daughter would not follow in her footsteps.
Unfortunately, she clearly is.  It is difficult to predict if a child will follow blindly in a parent’s footsteps, whether that parent is right or wrong.  
When a baby is born into this world, they are born with innocent eyes.  They are fresh from God, birthed from the sanity of a mother’s womb.  
Once that baby bursts from the purity of that organic laboratory of God, safety and serenity is left behind.
Unless that womb belongs to a woman of God, that child will face an evil world with no safe space or means of retreat.
I may sound negative and hopeless in the way I view this world, but I am no longer a child.
Unfortunately, I have been in this world long enough to see the reality of the struggle most children will experience.
There was a time when I, too, had the eyes of a child, and I played with Barbie dolls.  I wish I could go back to that innocent time, for at least I could see a land filled with love and hope.