New Finding In Tiger Woods Crash Shows There’s More To The ‘Accident’

The LA Coun­ty Sheriff’s Depart­ment made sev­er­al crit­i­cal deci­sions in the inves­ti­ga­tion of Tiger Woods’ dev­as­tat­ing crash that were favor­able to the golf­ing leg­end — who was giv­en the ben­e­fit of the doubt despite indi­ca­tions he was inat­ten­tive or had dozed off, accord­ing to a report.

Sher­iff Alex Vil­lanue­va announced on Feb. 23 — when Woods crashed a loaned Gen­e­sis GV80, break­ing sev­er­al bones in his leg — that his deputies “did not see any evi­dence of impairment.”

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A day lat­er, he announced that the crash was “pure­ly an acci­dent” and said there had been no need to bring in a drug-recog­ni­tion expert to eval­u­ate the 45-year-old Woods for impairment.

But sev­er­al foren­sic experts told USA Today Sports that the avail­able evi­dence in the case indi­cates Woods was inat­ten­tive or asleep when the SUV went right into a medi­an instead of stay­ing in the lane as it curved right.

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They cit­ed clues, includ­ing the lack of skid marks indi­cat­ing brak­ing, for ques­tion­ing the Sher­iff Department’s deci­sion to quick­ly label the crash an “acci­dent” and to not bring in an expert to have the Woods’ blood examined.


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