New Homeland Security budget a Republican betrayal against the base

Via The American Thinker

Last week, the House Appropriations Committee passed its 2019 budget for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which, if passed, will squash President Trump’s border security plan, force DACA amnesty, and give millions of illegal aliens free passes into your community.  The wall is not mentioned.  At all.

As congressional disapproval climbs north of 90%, House members have again openly refused to provide the necessary funding even to scratch the surface of President Trump’s request to fund the wall.  In a public display of political grandstanding, remarkable only in its dishonesty, DHS subcommittee chair GOP rep. Kevin Yoder touted this bill as taking “the largest steps in years toward finally fulfilling our promise to the American people to secure the border.  We add funding for more than 200 miles of physical barrier[.]”  Really, Kev?  A word search of the bill fails to find the word “wall” or “barrier” anywhere in the document.  Simply put, Yoder and his GOP co-conspirators are once again lying directly to the public.

Echoing Yoder’s yodel of self-praise, Appropriations Committee chairman Rodney Frelinghuysen said, “This bill … also provides the necessary funding for critical technology and physical barriers to secure our borders[.]”  Do you see the age-old ploy of “one politician lies and the other swears to it” on full, unabashed display?

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So what about the $5 billion allegedly for a wall that members are falling over each other to tweet about?  While most other funding for DHS must be doled out within a year, House GOP members deliberately stretched out the $5 billion through September 30, 2023, five long years down the road.  How can we trust them, especially since the bill never mentions the wall or a barrier?  Doing the math, and assuming (foolishly) that $1 billion each year will be allocated for Trump’s wall, it will take 25 years to complete!  By then, another 25 million illegal aliens will have illegally invaded the country, birthing another 50-100 million more anchor babies, while draining billions in taxpayer dollars from an already depleted U.S. bank account.

It gets worse.  Democrat members proposed amendments designed to undermine the president on almost every aspect of his immigration policy.  To do this, Democrats needed GOP members to vote for adoption, and the GOP co-conspirators complied.  Here is a list of important amendments that passed the “voice vote” roll call, which hides GOP members’ identities.  (Amendment description is in italics; commentary follows.)

  •  Amendment: Prohibits funding for the removal of illegal alien DACA beneficiaries.  Pro-DACA funding to ensure that 800,000 Americans will be cut out of jobs in preference to illegal aliens who will vote Democrat.
  • Amendment: Prohibits funds to deport DACA recipients who also serve in the U.S. Armed Forces. Provides de facto amnesty for over 400 illegals and opens up a broad array of future must-accept exceptions.
  • Amendment: Adds language to support the enforcement of border and immigration laws and the humane treatment of children and families.  The amendment also adds funding for health services, alternatives to detention, and family case management services.  GOP giving away billions more in U.S. taxpayer money for housing, clothing, educating, medicating (and yes, incarcerating and defending) millions more illegal aliens, while millions of Americans go without.
  • Amendment: Expands asylum status definitions to include “credible fear” as an established reason for asylum, which would include threats of gang and domestic violence.  Completely reverses requirement for asylum-seekers to provide proof that harm or death would follow should they be returned to their countries of origin.  With this amendment, Americans must accept an endless supply of refugees, based simply on people’s say-so.
  • Amendment: Adds language preventing ICE from releasing certain criminal detainees back onto U.S. soil.  Without a definition of “certain criminal” aliens, which criminal aliens will you allow?  Exclude?  Amendment is vague, and sanctuary cities have yet to be addressed by Congress.
  • Amendment: Adds language prohibiting funds for ICE to use restraints on a pregnant detainee in most circumstances.  Subliminal signal for women to cross and birth their anchor babies, while providing leftists another talking point propagating fictitious “abuses” by ICE in their efforts to abolish the agency.
  • Amendment: Prohibits funding for the destruction of documents related to sexual abuse or assault on detainees in custody.  Sounds good, right?  ICE will be keeping records of all complaints, regardless of validity, to be available to use against ICE.

The GOP leadership also allowed passage of other amendments that significantly increase work visas to foreign workers stealing jobs that Americans want and need.

Do not sit idly by, fuming at the computer or television screen while Congress promotes the annihilation of untold numbers of Americans, intentionally replacing these murdered productive Americans with uneducated, illiterate third-world robots who will be ruled by the government in exchange for cradle-to-grave welfare…until the collapse of America.


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