New LA County Sheriff – “we are going to physically remove ICE from the jails”

No joke here.

Just the crappy truth.

LA county sheriff not 0nly said that but he is going to shrink the list of misdemeanor charges.

Just going to get safer and safer here.

This isn’t even legal.

Yet he was placed for that job – and you know why.

And, I am willing to bet he himself is an anchor baby.


And how is he alone able to reduce the list of misdemeanors for jail?

That would be illegal as well.

Sure they are over crowded – because of all the illegals.

So his idea and those that elect him think – gee get rid of iICE and don’t let up for certain misdemeanors.


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It’s just like people say.

If someone goes into any store , Walmart or target and they steal a Christmas card. They get the cops called on them and they are arrested.

Someone breaks into your home and steals a TV and you have video of it…yea they don’t care, they have “higher priorities “.

This is the type of joker that needs to live with his family and grandkids in downtown LA and have NO locks in his home. See how he likes living like the rest of the state.


I have a serious question.

Why can’t victims of illegal alien crimes – sue the state, the county, the city and other various departments that are all willingly and knowlying breaking the law or simply not enforcing it and looking the other way?

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Look month after month we have illegal alien families sueing AND winning the lawsuits of what they consider illegal deaths.

Why can’t legal Americans – what is the law statute – sue…..? If there is a law saying why legal Americans can’t sue – it needs to be changed yesterday.


He has ordered supervisors to remove their insignia from their unifiorms.

“People need not to rely on metal for influential leadership”

I can’t believe people voted for this – I mean yes they said he swept the Latino vote because iof ICE in his platform. And the minority is the majority in la county.

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