New Migrant Caravan: 15,000+ Approaching US Border, Now Featuring Indians and Africans

by Chris Black

You might think there is nothing left of value in this country, as you struggle to survive.

But for foreign hordes, there is still a whole lot more to loot.

And loot they shall!

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The coming widespread food riots and mass break ins, assaults and homicides targeting the middle class get a few magnitudes worse with every wave of economic parasites that pour in through the southern border.

The government is, and will be complicit in this coming crime wave and a sane country would have them removed from power permanently.

As you struggle to get by, the government is continuing to divert resources to these hordes, who they are replacing you with.

They’re easier than you. They only vote Democrat, and they don’t really need electricity. They don’t even need gasoline – they will walk. They’re fine with a couple thousand a month free money that the government printed up for them.


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