New Person Indicted in Mueller Investigation for Making False Statements

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It appears Rick Gates is cooperating.
These charges stem from a lawyer that is tied to a legal effort that was headed by Paul Manafort in 2012-2014 using a sham NGO, the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine. The lawyer’s firm, Skadden Arpse, was hired to provide a report on the Yanukovych justice department’s prosecution of a political rival, Yulia Tymonshenk. Part of the ECMU lobbying efforts that Manafort controlled, as well as the Skadden report that Manafort helped organise, was to shield the government from criticism.
Skadden Arpse was one of the legal teams Manafort and Yanukovych’s Justice Department used during their efforts to have Tymonshenko thrown in jail. I wrote about these communications specifically in a research thread I did months ago. If you want more information on these interactions and why Person A in the indictment is likely Manafort, my research can show you why.

On Tuesday morning, the special counsel filed the following criminal information document in D.C. federal district court. The document describes false statements made by Alex van der Zwaan. After a plea hearing on Tuesday afternoon, the special counsel’s office  a statement of offense and plea agreement for van der Zwaan.
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