New York City Begins Largest Contact Tracing Surveillance Effort In United States in Stunning Harbinger Of What Life Will Be Like After Lockdown

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by Geoffrey Grider

New York City rolled out the biggest test and trace operation in the country on Friday, a key step in reopening the nation’s epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced at his daily briefing.

Remember when Obamacare first reared its ugly Socialist head, and we all could see the ongoing effort by our government to control us by controlling our healthcare? That absolutely happened, but due to horrific mismanagement by Barack Obama and his team, (remember the $634,320,919 website that didn’t work on Day One?), it never became the control mechanism they wanted it to be. But now in New York City they’ve hit on something that is going to work, and in fact, might well exceed expectations. COVID-19 contact tracing.

The challenge for you and I, as the various lockdowns begin to lift, will be to stay focused on all the end times nastiness once we resume our lives that were put on hold for the past two months. They are going to be implemented sweeping changes in how society functions, and using COVID-19 as the excuse, will begin digital surveillance on a level unimagined outside of George Orwell’s dystopian ‘1984’ novel.

Contact tracing, otherwise known as invasive digital surveillance, is here to stay, and it will be recording your every move. And when those markers start lighting up, the government will come in and curtail your movements. The parts of the United States Constitution that the Patriot Act didn’t kill, contact tracing will.


New York City to roll out largest test and trace operation in the U.S.making contact tracing new digital surveillance tool

FROM MARKET WATCH: “This is how we move forward,” he said, adding that the newly minted organization would reach “deep into our communities, expanding testing, expanding tracing, and really getting our arms around the problem as never before.”

The public entity, named the New York City Test and Trace Corps, will begin with 1,000 trained medical professionals who will track down suspected cases of the disease, test New Yorkers and trace their recent contacts. The containment strategy aims to get ahead of the disease before it can erupt into a full-scale outbreak that would require shutting society and businesses down again.

“The New York City Test and Trace Corps is going to be a dedicated group of trained individuals who will lead the way in creating testing and tracing in a way we’ve never seen before in this city or this country,” de Blasio said.

“We want to find everyone who is positive and trace their close contacts,” he said.

New York City, in the beginnings of the recruitment process, has received nearly 7,000 applications so far and plans to hire a staff of 2,500 by June, the mayor said.

The city’s Health + Hospitals Corp. will manage the unit, led by Dr. Ted Long, the vice president of ambulatory care across the public health system; Jackie Bray, a member of the de Blasio administration who’s been acquiring and coordinating vital medical and protective equipment for the city during the crisis; and Dr. Andrew Wallach, director of ambulatory care for Bellevue Hospital, the mayor said.

New York City’s public health system, the largest in the country, has been on the front lines of COVID-19 patient care, where some of the most iconic and disturbing images of the crisis in America have emerged. So it makes sense to have the organization oversee the new Test and Trace Corps, de Blasio said.  READ MORE


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