New York, of the United States, or of the United Nations – Who Do Politicians Serve?

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by Thinker

Our words and actions define our character, not our religion, race, or birth nation. For many New Yorker’s, it is a state that represents new life, another chance, freedom. Politicians are elected by the people who believe that man/woman will make the right choices in decisions and votes for legislature that may effect them now or in the future. For many voters, their vote is determined on what they see in a commercial, or on a sign. To many voters are clueless of the history or corruption that many already exist in a politicians life, because they pay people to keep that part sealed.

Is it New York of the United States, or United Nations???

Why do all the legal & political attacks launched against the 45th president seem to be coming out of New York??? Are those that attack D.J. Trump infiltrators/imposters/Nazi’s??? Who are the people that encourage others to be hateful and thrive on division??? Who’s religion or party do they hide behind??? For those who follow “Q,” it’s up to you to find the evil that is in the past of “ALL” those who want to impeach, defame, speak ill of the president or anyone who’s history says otherwise!!! Who is running the USA??? Donald J. Trump, the Commander & Chief & the “Q” armies of the Armed Forces, or the United Nations and NATO’s we’ll go anywhere for the money army???

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In the United States, ever since the election of the 45th president Donald J. Trump there has been a change. For many especially in the alternative world they consider it a blessing from the “HIGHEST HOLY” position there is.

Trump isn’t perfect, and there are few humans that are. What Trump is though, can’t easily be obtained because it is unique and was given to him. A POTUS whom the “Creator” has openly acknowledged as a chosen one and those who know the truth, don’t question it anymore now entering the third year. Those that protect the POTUS, besides his secret service come from the armies of the most high. They have been challenged, and ever attempt has ended in failure for those who attempt to assassinate the man who will live to become known as the 2nd “GREATEST” president to world citizens!!!

Donald J. Trump is keeping his promises and doing a good job at rounding up the evil conspirators to the people. Those who have committed crimes against humanity and children will and are going to be held accountable. If the new peoples army of honor following the “Q” commanders hasn’t come to get you yet, they’ll be coming soon!!! Trump has “ALL” the information, and it seems more is coming in with everyone who abandons the ship of satan.

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Many trapped by blackmail video are telling EVERYTHING, because in their hearts they are children of our “Creator” and no tape will stop the forgiveness that comes from those who repent for getting caught in the web of satan. Thanks to many of these whistleblowers, the list of indictments has swelled to over 70,000.

Who’s on the list???

How will the do the arrest???

How will anyone know???

Trump is giving the “deep state” and those who dare to commit TREASON on the American people and nation how fast they will be there for arrests. You won’t have time to run, or hide before the “Q” army is on the inside!!! Giving the world the heads up for events that will be happening on a global scale…





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