New York Senate Bill Aims To Divide State Into Three Separate Regions

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Albany, N.Y. – A proposal in the New York State Legislature is calling for the state to be split into three regions.

The proposal would break the state into three autonomous areas: The New York Region, the Montauk Region and the New Amsterdam Region. Each region would have specific governors and legislators, and the bill divides up various agencies and departments. Each region would have separate court and prison systems, and the proposal “provides only for a state sales tax”.

The bill is sponsored by Assemblyman David DiPietro of the 147th Assembly District – which covers a portion of Wyoming County – and co-sponsored by Peter Lawrence of the 134th State Assembly District and Brian Manktelow of the 130th Assembly District. Assembly members Marjorie Byrnes, Stephen Hawley and Brian Kolb are listed as multi-sponsors. They are all Republicans.

The current Assembly bill is currently in the committee phase.

The State Senate version of the bill is sponsored by Senator Rob Ortt of the 62nd District. Co-sponsors include Senators George Borrello, Pam Helming, Daphne Jordan, Michael Ranzenhofer and Thomas O’Mara.

The Senate version is currently in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The motion to break New York into separate regions is not a new proposal. Last year, Hawley proposed breaking the state into two regions.


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