New York Times Op-Ed Calls for Abolishing the US Constitution

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by Chris Black

It’s obvious that “our liberal values” cannot work within the constraints of an 18th century Constitution.

It’s not who we are.

The usual suspects are now calling to basically abolish the US Constitution so they can have their way with us, without anything in between – which is what two law professors called for in the New York Times last week.

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Harvard’s Ryan D. Doerfler and Yale’s Samuel Moyn said that the Constitution is “famously undemocratic” and therefore needs to be overthrown and replaced with feminist and racial liberation ideology and global warming mumbo-jumbo.

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For the record, these two have been publishing essays about abolishing or otherwise undermining the Constitution for years, arguing that it stands in the way of their Talmudic agenda for America.

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These Ivy League professors repeatedly claim that the Constitution does not represent “the majority opinion,” and is therefore being misused by reactionaries pushing a far-right agenda.

However, no one knows what the majority believes, and most people who disagree with the corporate media consensus lie about their opinions in public.

To be clear: the Constitution is perfectly fine, and the singular reason that it would be overthrown would be to remove the rights and freedoms enumerated in it.

There is no other reason you would want to do that.


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