New Yorkers are leaving the state in droves…. California lost 39,500.

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QUESTIONS ASKED AND ANSWERED: Where are New Yorkers headed? “New Yorkers are leaving the state in droves. Where are they going—and what are they earning when they get there? Based on just-updated federal tax return data through 2017-18, the Empire Center’s exclusive rollover map provides some answers.”

Meanwhile, in the other big blue parenthesis state, “California added more than 180,000 people when accounting for births and deaths for the 12 month period ending July 1. But when you include people who moved in and out of the state, California lost 39,500. State officials say it is the first time since the 2010 census that more people left California than moved in over the course of a year, contributing to the state’s slowest recorded growth rate since 1900.” Add to those numbers, the “35 percent of San Franciscans consider leaving for good, according to city survey.”

Somebody really needs to fund Glenn’s Welcome Wagon idea.

GETTING IT GOOD AND HARD: How Cognitive Bias Destroyed the Livelihood of California’s Gig Workers.


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