New Zealand panic buying in full swing

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Took a stroll around the supermarket this morning to check out the devastation. Was in a Highland Park, a suburb with particularly high proportion of East Asian residents.

This is at 7am, 13h after the initial announcement on the news and 12h since the panic buying began.

Toilet paper: GONE
milk powder: GONE
rice: GONE
flour: GONE
pasta: not bad reasonable amount left
Meat: plenty
Bottled water: GONE
peanut butter: heaps left
Honey: untouched
canned goods: still available

Yesterday people were queuing up all around the shop with trolleys packed full. I went past another supermarket on the North Shore (also a heavily oriental population) yesterday at 7pm. The car park looks like Black Friday or Boxing Day sales.

I look photos, but I would need to upload them somewhere first.

Thank god I prepared weeks ago

h/t Lord Deplorable Darkness


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