New Zealand Police Attack and Drive Out Protestors from Parliament After 23 Days

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After 23 long days, the New Zealand Police attacked at 6am in the morning and drove out the protestors from parliament by around 7pm. Reinforcements were sent from around the country and armed with riot gear, tear gas and pepper-spray, closed in on the protestors and cleared them from parliament and the surrounding streets. As they gained territory, they destroyed all protestor possessions, damaged vehicles and towed them away.

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After many hours of resisting peacefully, despite police liberally using force and injuring protestors with pepper-spray. Some of the protestors lost there cool and began to retaliate. Fires were started and protestors began throwing anything and everything at the oncoming police. Police fired back with rubber bullets and fire hoses.

Despite the carnage and violence, only 87 arrests were made. Parliament remains heavily guarded by the police.

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