New Zealand Prime Minister resigns after getting caught giving $13.7 million in taxpayer money to the Clinton Foundation…. Merkel gave 5 million to the Clinton Foundation during our election!

It has been revealed that millions of New Zealand taxpayer dollars have been donated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) to Hillary Clinton’s charity, the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), a non-profit organisation created from the Clinton Foundation with the stated goal to reduce HIV/AIDs in Africa.
An MFAT spokesman confirmed to the NBR that between January 2010 and June 2016, $7.7 million of taxpayer funds had already been donated and another $6 million was to follow, keeping to a pledge to donate $13.7 million made by the government organisation in 2013.
ACT party member David Seymour commented “In a world where New Zealanders can crowdsource to buy a beach, it’s not clear what role there is for the government to collect taxes and contribute it to a global charity which is more than capable of reaching out and raising its own money.”
The big question is, why is our government sending millions of dollars overseas while at the same time cutting funding for crucial services which desperately need the money here in New Zealand?
To fully understand how Clinton charities operate and decide whether a single taxpayer dollar should have been donated, we first need to look at some of the controversies.
Over the past 15 years, the Washington Post can reveal the charities have raised over $2 billion dollars, mainly from big corporates, foreign governments and political donors. Many have called the contributions ‘pay for play’, where powerful donors exchange funds for future political favours. Speeches make up a large part of the revenue stream, with the Clintons earning hundreds of thousands per speech from the likes of big Wall Street banks including Goldman Sachs as revealed by WikiLeaks.

CLINTON CASH — Director’s Cut — FULL OFFICIAL MOVIE — Bill & Hillary Clinton´s Blur exposed

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BOMBSHELL: Merkel gave 5 million to the Clinton Foundation during our election!  This is a bribe
HILLARY Clinton is facing a backlash in Germany after it was revealed the country’s taxpayers handed over £4million to her foundation via the government at the height of the US elections.

According to reports, the failed Democratic nominee’s US-based charity received the cash to help plant trees in Africa at exactly the time she declared Angela Merkel her “favourite” politician. 

But the revelation of the financing arangment has been met with scorn.

In October, around the same time the transaction was made, it was revealed that Mrs Clinton said the German Chancellor was one of her “favourites” when asked about who she admired in global politics.


16 thoughts on “New Zealand Prime Minister resigns after getting caught giving $13.7 million in taxpayer money to the Clinton Foundation…. Merkel gave 5 million to the Clinton Foundation during our election!”

  1. I am sure whatever they were used for was harmful to millions of someones!
    I did just recently read that 1.2 million children each year are being sold into
    child slavery & that the Syrian children in Turkey are working below minimum wage
    for 60 hours/ week, instead of being able to go to school. They are making clothes for Europeans
    & uniforms for ISIS.

  2. Key however much I dislike him (ex Wall St Banker) did not resign over the Clinton Foundation donation. . . . He had been mulling it over with close associates for months. If anything tipped him over the edge it was the Kaikoura earthquakes a couple of weeks back. Huge problems for tourism & freight logistics have occurred. The donations don’t figure in IMO

  3. Helping Clinton mafia distribute watered down aids drugs, pad their own pockets, pay millions for Chelsea’s wedding. Good on ya, New Zealand, every penny you gave the Clinton’s went to their own personal corruption. Your hard earned tax dollars kept Chelsea in bon-bons for about a decade on her stolen Clinton Foundation Charity funds.

  4. How about that. Not only is the clinton crime family/soros/obama working to kill OUR government, they’re working on the rest of the world….Oh, gee…that sounds like “one world order”..globalism huh….This is a gigantic scam and by god they’re scamming the world…I WANT TO SEE RICO CHARGES BROUGHT ON EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF THIS CRIME SYNDICATE!! ARREST SOROS. FREEZE ALL ACCOUNTS OF EVERYONE INVOLVED..including obama, chelsea, who ever.
    Now I understand why New Zealand, of all countries, voted for the “israeli” resolution in the UN. I couldnt figure out why they would do that…Now we see, they were ordered by the crime syndicate! Clintons, obamas, soros all anti-semites. In soros’ case he actually turned over his Jewish family and neighbors to the Nazi’s.

  5. just a few years ago the clinton foundation collected over $10,000,000.00 for relief in Jamacia from hurricane damage and NOT ONE CENT left the Clinton Foundation for this relief effort


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