Next level gas-lighting: Say fuel is $4 with a picture displaying $6.31. It’s a lie and it’s definitely not worth it.

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Talking heads and pundits won’t feel the price increases. They can buy an electric vehicle if they want; they can pay the fuel prices if they prefer.

Normal Americans ARE GETTING F*CKED. We just switched off our enormous reserves for political reasons. The destruction of oil is strikes so many point of The Plan:

Destroy the Petrodollar system, enable a “New Bretton Woods moment” = CDBCs and social credit

Destroy ease of movement via high fuel costs

Weaken the economy further

Push the Green Agenda, Sustainable Development Goals, Carbon Credits — all points of the social credit control grid

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Push people away from gas vehicle ownership and in to new cars as the “Kill Switch” systems are standard (2025)

Further push shortages and inflation via diesel/shipping costs

–They want gasoline to be $10/gallon. They want the system to fail. That’s how you get a Great Reset. That’s how you Build Back Better.

h/t  squaremild

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