Next level gas-lighting: Say fuel is $4 with a picture displaying $6.31. It’s a lie and it’s definitely not worth it.

Talking heads and pundits won’t feel the price increases. They can buy an electric vehicle if they want; they can pay the fuel prices if they prefer.

Normal Americans ARE GETTING F*CKED. We just switched off our enormous reserves for political reasons. The destruction of oil is strikes so many point of The Plan:

Destroy the Petrodollar system, enable a “New Bretton Woods moment” = CDBCs and social credit

Destroy ease of movement via high fuel costs

Weaken the economy further

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Push the Green Agenda, Sustainable Development Goals, Carbon Credits — all points of the social credit control grid

Push people away from gas vehicle ownership and in to new cars as the “Kill Switch” systems are standard (2025)

Further push shortages and inflation via diesel/shipping costs

–They want gasoline to be $10/gallon. They want the system to fail. That’s how you get a Great Reset. That’s how you Build Back Better.

h/t  squaremild


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