NFL Favorability Drops To The Lowest Level Ever As Backlash Against Anthem Protests Explodes

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by Michael Snyder

The NFL is in the process of committing suicide. To me, football is the greatest sport ever invented in the history of the world, and as a lifelong NFL fan it greatly saddens me to watch a game that I love being dragged through the mud. No matter how powerful the NFL may think that it is, there is no possible way that it can go to war with the national anthem and the American flag and come out as a winner. All over the country Americans are turning off their televisions and burning their jerseys, and the longer these kinds of “protests” continue, the worse it is going to get for the league.
Already television ratings are falling significantly, and one survey has found that the NFL’s net favorability rating has dropped nearly in half

NFL’s Brand Favorability Drops To Lowest Point Since Morning Consult Started Tracking: The NFL’s net favorability has dropped from 30% on September 21 to 17% on September 28.
On September 21, 25% of Trump supporters said they had a very favorable view of the NFL and 11% had a very unfavorable view.
As of Sept 28, those numbers have dramatically changed with 33% of Trump supporters say they have a very unfavorable view of the NFL and 16% report having a very favorable view.

When someone chooses to disrespect the anthem or the flag, they are disrespecting the entire country. And as I have discussed previously, it was inevitable that young people would start to copy the disgusting behavior of their NFL heroes. For example, it is being reported that a 6-year-old boy down in Florida decided to kneel during the Pledge of Allegiance in front of his entire class at school

A Florida elementary school is under fire from one parent who says her son — who knelt during his class’s Pledge of Allegiance — was scolded and stripped of his First Amendment rights.
Eugenia McDowell’s son, a 6-year-old student at Wiregrass Elementary School in Pasco County, took a knee during his classroom’s Pledge of Allegiance on Monday, one day after hundreds of NFL players knelt or stood and linked arms following President Trump’s criticism of players who protest during “The Star-Spangled Banner.”
“He was influenced by what he saw over the weekend, the conversations we were having,” McDowell told FOX13 of her son’s actions.

Surely that 6-year-old does not understand that he is disrespecting every American that has ever fought, bled and died for our country. He just saw NFL players on television doing it, and he decided to copy them.
In the old days, NFL players never would have been allowed to engage in such a shameful display, and some former NFL greats are starting to speak out about this. One of them is John Elway

John Elway, a two-time Super Bowl quarterback champion and now the vice president of operations for the Denver Broncos, issued a statement about the NFL protests saying that it’s time to “take the politics out of football,” and that he is “one that believes in standing for the National Anthem” and that he also believes America “is the greatest country in the world.”
“I’m one that believes in standing for the National Anthem, and I’ve always believed that,” said Elway in the statement, which he tweeted on Sept. 26. “I believe this is the greatest country in the world.”

And Mike Ditka left no doubt as to where he stands on this issue…

Ditka, a two-time NFL Coach of the Year, said, “I think it’s a problem when anybody who disrespects this country and the flag. If they don’t like the country, they don’t like our flag, get the Hell out! That’s what I think.”
“So, if you’re asking me, I have no respect for Colin Kaepernick,” said Ditka. “He probably has no respect for me. That’s his choice.”

Yes, NFL owners, coaches and players can choose to do whatever they want during the anthem.
But we can also choose how we are going to respond to their shameful behavior.
Earlier this week I wrote about all of the jersey burnings that are happening all over the nation. Well, now some people are actually holding NFL jersey burning parties. At one for New England Patriot fans, more than 100 people decided to show up

Mark Shane organized the event at his Gardners Neck Road home after about 20 members of the team took a knee during the national anthem before Sunday’s game against the Houston Texans.
Shane says he was “shocked” that the Patriots protested and said they “always stayed above this kind of nonsense.”
More than 100 people turned out to support Shane and show their frustration with professional athletes who are kneeling during the national anthem. They sang America the Beautiful and said the Pledge of Allegiance as they tossed Patriots gear into the fire in protest.

Fortunately, some teams out there are starting to get the message.
For example, Maurkice Pouncey of the Pittsburgh Steelers is promising that his entire team will be standing for the anthem this week…

“I promise you one thing, this week we will all be standing out there for the national anthem. Trust me,” Pouncey said Wednesday.
Pouncey says he expects the entire team to be on the field for the anthem.
“As far as I know it’s 100 percent participation,” Pouncey told reporters. “We love this country. It’s America. We know there are injustice in this world, but to me, personally, football is football and that’s what we need to approach it as.”

But other teams have indicated that they plan to continue to kneel.
Any owner, coach or player that chooses to publicly disrespect the national anthem or the American flag on national television is bringing great shame upon themselves, their teams and their communities.
They can certainly do whatever they want, but we don’t have to watch it, and their incredibly bloated salaries are dependent on our support.

43 thoughts on “NFL Favorability Drops To The Lowest Level Ever As Backlash Against Anthem Protests Explodes

    • All this injustice and bad stuff has been going on a LONG time, under Bush and got worse under OBAMA. Where the fuck were these people complaining when Obama was in power? They like to pretend life was all rainbows and flowers under that commie son-of a-bitch. They are trying to pin all this injustice as a racist thing on Trump, showing how clueless and mentally retarded they are. The NFL has made the choice to disrespect Americans regardless, is it any wonder with so many jewish owners?

    • This is precisely what Israel should look like! It could be accomplished by coopting ISIS and redirecting their purpose and objective. After all, they’re just criminal mercenaries.

      • in human history there has never been a real city in BLACK Africa that lasted or has a building over 3 stories mud brick. The successful tribes are hunter/gathers not farmers or builders definitely NOT scollars.

    • No AMERICANS, will enter those stadiums. Abject COWARDS are all that are here.
      If you are not MAN enough to refuse to go to a ball GAME you are a SLAVE just waiting for your chains.

  1. I don’t see those “heroes” refusing Your ax Dollars as part of their “Protest”.
    If you can’t Stand and Satue the Anthem, you can’t have TAX DOLLARS
    DEMAND your politicians Take away the TAX breaks the PAIDtriots live off.
    The parasites have been living like Communists off American TAXPAYERS for decades.
    Taxpayers fund the stadiums, antitrust law doesn’t apply to broadcast deals, the league enjoys nonprofit status, and Commissioner Roger Goodell makes $30 million a year. It’s time to stop the public giveaways to America’s richest sports league—and to the feudal lords who own its teams. Last year was a busy one for public giveaways to the National Football League. In Virginia, Republican Governor Bob McDonnell, who styles himself as a budget-slashing conservative crusader, took $4 million from taxpayers’ pockets and handed the money to the Washington Redskins, for the team to upgrade a workout facility. Hoping to avoid scrutiny, McDonnell approved the gift while the state legislature was out of session. The Redskins’ owner, Dan Snyder, has a net worth estimated by Forbes at $1 billion. But even billionaires like to receive expensive gifts.
    And on and on……..
    Read more:
    No more Taxpayer funded stadiums or tax breaks.
    They even had to be BRIBED to pretend to love America: It has come to light that many of the “patriotic” pregame displays in the NFL are simply propaganda displays that were paid for by the U.S. Department of Defense and the National Guard – meaning that these displays were actually paid for by the American taxpayers.
    Since the MULTI-millionaire Tax Dodgers claim to be protesting Police brutality — why don’t they demand the Police LEAVE the stadiums ?

    • Hopefully the Chargers fold to send a message to greedy owners. They moved to LA which cannot support 1 team let alone 2! In Hockey the jewish Edmonton oilers owner held a knife to the throat of the city saying build us a new stadium or we are gone!……So they did a “partnership” deal, heavily subsidizing the team through taxes etc.
      The Calgary flames want a similar deal. Free land, tax dollars, tax breaks, and the city said NO…..they have already said one day they may just pack up and leave, no discussion, no pleading. What does that say to the fans who have supported them the last 40 years? I was there for the bad years where economics (no salary cap) almost killed hockey in Canada, and the city supported the flames and carried them financially until a cap was introduced to level the playing field. I think these days though people are aware how much these teams are costing and will have no problem turning their backs on them in the future.
      I was also there when the players went on strike because of the salary cap, and I remember one player complaining about taking a pay cut and saying “do people realize how much the insurance is on a Ferrari? “…..that was it….that was just too much… walked away and there was no hockey for a year. People did other things and hockey was forgotten. The players played in Europe for a fraction of what they earn in the NHL, and sure enough one by one they came crawling back.
      There is NO ALTERNATIVE in professional sports for American football, so the players better be real careful not to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Keep politics, out of sport and find another way to voice your concerns. People watch football to have a break from all the bullshit the working week spits at them and these players are effectively taking a big fat dump on the fans, even though I do agree with what many of them have said! There is a time and a place for everything, and they made a poor decision that may just have massive personal ramifications for them.
      I actually hope this hurts the NFL financially, and the teams and the players. They are like the stock market, out of control thinking the gravy train will last forever.
      They need a hard dose of reality.

      • this will also show how much to depend on the “patriots” who are always yakking about millions of deer hunters standing up to oppression …… if they can’t refuse to go to a GAME played by paid professionals they sure won’t “stand up” to the government.

  2. They make racists out of people that ordinarily wouldn’t be.
    Ignorant ungrateful niggers protesting the nation that made their lavish lifestyle possible.
    On top of this it is driven by hatred of Trump, the same Trump who supported civil rights early and often, receiving many awards and praises for the same.
    Before anyone tries to tell me about the police nonsense explain why 4% of the population, black men under 35, commit half of all violent crime. This is a 40 year old statistic that is still true.

    • oh please grow up. you are a traitor if you fall for this ridiculous issue and don’t object to the criminal govt. divide and conquer,you do it well.

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