NFTs are perfect tools for money laundering

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by Printer-Pam

Imagine being a drug dealer, a corrupt politician or someone else who has to launder large amounts of money. If you have no source of funds you might have problems cashing out or be investigated. Solution: NFTs.

Create some stupid pixelated NFTs, and put them for sale. If someone wants to pay for 1 kg of cocaine, they buy the 10 ETH NFT. If someone wants a pistol, they buy the 5 ETH NFT. If you want to bribe the local politicians, just buy one of their NFT. This money transaction looks perfectly legal from the outside.

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Someone can make the same NFTs link to cute cats on the clearnet website, but to cocaine, guns, and bribes on the onion version. This way you have a decentralised darknet market functioning in plain sight.


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