NIBIRU will hit EARTH at MARCH 2016 – Important NASA Employee confirms the NIBIRU existence

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by AMY S.


NIBIRU will hit EARTH at MARCH 2016 – Important NASA Employee confirms the NIBIRU existence

Many believers claim the mega-planet will destroy us by March 2016, but a breakaway group says it has uncovered evidence we have even less time and it will be before the end of this month before the devastating pass.
They say an increase in comets, asteroids and natural disasters is down to the incoming planet and claim to hold evidence Governments around the world and NASA are covering up the fact they are secretly preparing for the impending disaster – by amassing coffins and training soldiers to deal with inevitable anarchy in the aftermath.
NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) have previously admitted preparing a disaster plan for collision with a space rock.

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Amateur star-gazers, UFO hunters and survivalists believe a prophesied encounter between Earth and a large heavenly body known as Nibiru or Planet X will take place by March 2016.
They say an increase in comets, asteroids and natural disasters is down to the incoming planet and claim to hold evidence Governments around the world are secretly preparing for the impending disaster – by amassing coffins and training soldiers to deal with inevitable anarchy in the aftermath.
A giant asteroid narrowly missed Earth in October and NASA and the European Space agency have admitted preparing a disaster plan for collision with a cosmic missile.
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Other conspiracy theorists claim Puerto Rico is stockpiling body bags and coffins, the US Government has been sending out emergency rations of water and self-heating meals and UN peacekeepers – and even Russian soldiers – are being taught English and training in US military equipment on American soil, so they can work together when disaster strikes. Govt Hoarding Food into underground bunkers and caves.


48 thoughts on “NIBIRU will hit EARTH at MARCH 2016 – Important NASA Employee confirms the NIBIRU existence

  1. NASA, the guys with all the telescopes, confirms that there’s nothing coming so I’m at a bit of a loss here. What science do we have that says that in 30-60 days from now a planet is suddenly going to appear and collide with Earth?

    • There is none. There are tens of thousands of amateur astronomers on the Earth. Unless this thing is invisible it would have be spotted a long time ago.

      • But… but… but… it is invisible to the naked eye as it only shows up in the infrared. Hope that clears it up for ya.
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        Please don’t be concerned about the Israel address on the shipping receipt as that is where my warehouse is located… they are not, I repeat ARE NOT my suppliers.

        • Say, would you happen to have an invisible earth destroying planet I could lease for a couple months? I’ve been trying to find one for years, I hear they’re quite rare.

      • It is approaching due south of Antarctica. The only telescopes pointing in it’s direction are government. The system will not hit the Earth, but the debris cloud following it could. Astroids from our own belt could be redirected by the massive gravitational pull of the passing system endangering us further. The main concern is the huge tidal influences of that gravitational pull, causing huge tides of 300-400 feet. Effectively destroying every major coastal city.

        • “It is approaching due south of Antarctica.”
          Antarctica is the Southernmost thing on the Earth. There is no “due south of Antarctica” any more than there is “due north of the north pole”. How can it approach from Due South of the Southernmost place? This sounds like nonsense, something a 7 year old would say. What is the Right Ascension and Declination of this “due south of Antarctica” point in the sky?
          Did you mean to say that it is approaching from the South Celestial Pole?
          I’m in the southern hemisphere. I (and anybody else here) can literally point my telescope in any direction that something sitting on the South Pole can point, at some time during each 24 hours. And my telescope can see in infrared, i.e. day or night. (Just don’t point it at the sun!)
          “The only telescopes pointing in it’s direction are government.”
          Bullshit. There are millions of people in the Southern Hemisphere! There are even millions South of 45 South Latitude. Many of them have telescopes!

          • Well sleat, you have taken a lot off my mind. The government always lies, so if they say there is nothing coming then that means there is. If you are just sleat, then we can breath easier, if you say there is nothing coming. How ever if sleat is a paid government troll, then we need to begin worrying again.

          • “If you are just sleat, then we can breath easier, if you say there is nothing coming.”
            I’m not saying there’s nothing coming…I’m saying if there IS something coming, I want optical proof! I want to look for it, and so I need a direction.
            But saying it’s “due south of Antarctica” doesn’t make any sense to me. What would make sense is either orbital parameters, which would allow its path to be plotted, or right-ascension and declination, which would allow directly pointing a telescope at the thing.
            So, who is saying “the only telescopes pointing in its direction are government”?
            They MUST know which direction that is, so I can ask them where this thing is supposed to be, if they’re on the level.
            Governments are fairly powerful, but I don’t think that power extends to hiding the entire sky from observers, who might be just anywhere at all on the entire Earth. There are people, and people with telescopes, almost everywhere on Earth, although a lot less in oceans and deserts.

        • Can you please clarify what you mean by:
          – “due south of Antarctica”
          – The only telescopes capable of pointing at it belong to “government”
          …and which government that is?
          Also where did you get the info from your previous comment?

        • “It is approaching due south of Antarctica. The only telescopes pointing in it’s direction are government.”
          Where do these pieces of information about nibiru come from?

    • Yes, anything destined to hit earth will have orbital parameters, a trajectory. With these parameters anybody can reliably point a telescope at it. In order to have any credibility for these claims, orbital parameters are required.
      So without those, it’s BS.

      • Let’s just say something were en route, in actuality. A heavenly body on the order of a planet in size (vs something smaller, like an asteroid). At what distance would you say amateur astronomers would start seeing it? Any guess?

        • I don’t have to say anything about this by myself, it’s not a matter of opinion. It’s well known how easily resolvable objects of various sizes and brightnesses are from Earth. People have been at this game for hundreds of years.
          If you’re seriously after a distance, give me a size and a brightness. “Planet” isn’t nearly precise enough. The smallest planet, mercury is about 1/29th the diameter of Jupiter, the largest. From a size we can determine the angular dimension at various distances.
          And since angular dimension and brightness are the chief attributes which affect visibility of something in the sky, we can then give a distance where whatever it is would just be visible in a good telescope.
          So lets just say we need a bit more information. What’s the diameter of your planet, and is it lit by the sun? What’s its albedo? Is it self-luminous, like a star? Then we can say how far away it should be easy to see with an average telescope.

          • I was just looking for a *very* rough idea in the context of this thread. Let’s say a planet the size of Earth was heading toward us (which puts it in / near our orbit for at least last leg of the trip).
            In very broad terms, at what point would the non-gag-ordered-doesn’t-work-for-NASA amateur astronomers (reference to another post in this thread) likely start shouting about it?
            Presumably it would be > 30 days before impact (haha).
            Seriously though, it’s laughable that this article was even able to be published. But since it was, I thought I’d use it to learn something, possibly to act as a rebuttal for further silliness in the future.
            It can be a rhetorical question if it’s not something you want to pursue further. Probably made my point by now anyway.

          • Yes, that’s a good start.
            As far as calculating time to “impact” based on distance, that’s a little more complicated than the equations for seeing. A sort of worst-case would be something that is not part of the Solar System at all. If it was earth-sized, and hurtling (drifting?) through space on a perfect collision-course with Earth (i.e. the place where Earth would be when it arrived) and making something like 5 million miles per day towards us, that would still give us a good part of a year of seeing it before it actually arrived.
            So a good astronomical rule of thumb is that a person with 20/20 vision can make out two objects, separated from the background which are only separated by 2 minutes of arc. That’s 1/30th of a degree. This is a conservative estimate, if the object was lit against a dark background it might be smaller than this. So for earth to appear 1 arc-minute in size to the naked eye, the trig tells us that that this earth-size object would be ~44 million kilometers away.
            Actually, if it was a whole arc-minute in apparent size, good vision should actually almost be able to see features on the thing, or moons around it, since Mars is almost exactly half Earth’s diameter, and can be seen anywhere from ~50 to ~400 million kilometers away. Certainly at that distance people could see what color it was.
            Anyway, let’s continue. How distant would an object the actual size of Earth need to be to subtend 1 minute of arc viewed with the naked eye? About 44 million kilometers. That’s closer than Mars ever gets.
            So at 44 million kilometers almost anybody could see this thing.
            Now let’s switch to our telescope. Say ours is an 8 inch Newtonian. The other rule of thumb, for maximum usable magnification is based on the Dawes limit explained here:
            Simplified, it’s just that the max magnification is about the same as the diameter of the scope’s aperture in millimeters. So about 203 times magnification is our limit for this average telescope. That’s how much we can expand the image before it begins to get blurry or dark.
            Now we can use the telescope to see two closely spaced, separate objects in the heavens that are 1/200th of 2 minutes of arc apart in reality. And now we just work out what distance that would be for an earth-sized object. 22 million kilometers x 200 is 4.4 billion kilometers.
            As an idea of scale, Pluto’s average distance is about 6 billion kilometers, but it’s smaller than Earth, so impossible to see without a good telescope.
            So, cut-and-dried, people would start to really make out an Earth-sized object with telescopes at round-about the average distance to Pluto. Unless it was going very fast, that would give at least several months of seeing the thing before it got into our neighbourhood, assuming people knew which way to look.
            But that begs the question, if people “know” that “planet X” is coming, how can they not know from which direction that will be?

          • Sleat, thank you for taking the time write that excellent response. I’m saving this away in my Evernote for future Nibiru and/or other celestial “oh my god it’s time to panic!!!” discussions.
            If I may: is this a hobby of yours or are you / have you been employed in the field? You clearly are steeped in the science of it all and your answer made me curious since you exceeded my expectations. 😀

          • Thanks HE3, glad to help shed light on what might otherwise be fear-mongering. Mostly, astronomy and astrophysics are a hobby for me. I sometimes get to use physics when I do programming work.

          • I think they’ve brought it up again. It’s now…dun-dun-dun…another 6 months away again!
            I love this thing! It’s always 6 months away! But it’s REAL this time. 😀

    • Look in the shadows no science told that two planes would hit the twin towers but anyway it was drawn on the dollar bill same is the coming tidal wave…

      • Uh, I’m pretty sure that radar _did_ in fact show those planes on a trajectory for the twin towers.
        And if there were in fact a planet “heading right for us”, we’d see that too.
        “it [9/11]was drawn on the dollar bill”. Really?
        That’s about the worst case of confirmation bias I have ever heard.
        I can show you a folded five dollar bill that makes Lincoln look like a Muslim, too. That doesn’t mean it was true.
        How about looking outside your head for a change and rely on actual evidence instead of connecting the dots in a way that shows you the narrative you are hoping for.

      • There is something, even thousands or millions of somethings to see in virtually every direction one can look away from Earth. 99.999% of this visible stuff is further away than anything in our Solar System, so if Planet X was lurking around within hitting distance of earth, it would have to be not only invisible, but TRANSPARENT as well. If not, it would obscure the myriad things lying behind it.
        So, in which direction is this invisible, transparent death Star? What are its orbital parameters?

        • Plant X is believed to be a brown dwarf star. The sister to our sun. It’s ellipitical orbit takes it 3400 years to make an orbit of our sun. It’s visibility is limited to infrared. It’s is believed to have 7 planets in it’s orbit. The planet Nibaru is believed to be 5-7 times the size of the earth.
          If you can when the conditions get real seek higher ground.

          • Plant X is an eco-friendly liquid that keeps the snails off my kale.
            Do you mean “Planet X” by any chance?
            That thing which is somehow deadly to earth but without any orbital parameters?
            Everything has to be in orbit around something, so what is this in orbit around and what are the parameters?
            The sun, for instance, orbits the center of the galaxy.
            I can easily telescope in the infrared, even take pictures, so, which way do I point the damn thing?? Right Ascension? Declination? Everything in the universe has one of those except this? C’mon!
            Presumably Planet X (or if you happen to be a snail, Plant X) just hangs around and pops up whenever there’s a shortage of fear-porn?

          • My apology, I meant to type the word Planet X. I am not an astro-physicist nor do I own a telescope. So I am not familiar with the terminology, however I have been reading about this event from many sources over the past 40 years.
            My understanding is this: Planet X is a solar system much like our own, but it’s sun is smaller, a brown dwarf. The system orbits it’s sister star, our sun. We are apparently a bi-nary star system. Since someone coined it Planet-X, I will use that name.
            It travels in a long elliptical orbit that takes about 3400 years, more or less, to make one orbit around our sun.
            If Planet X is a real phenomena, it’s re-approach to our solar system has already begun. It is said to have come past Pluto, about 5 months ago. As it approaches our sun it begins to accelerates due to the gravitational pull of our system.
            It approaches the sun and orbits around it, beginning it’s long journey back out into deep space.
            It will pass near our Earth orbit both coming and going.
            It is also said to be approaching our system from the direction of our south pole (Declination?).
            It will not hit the earth, but it will come near enough to cause some major geological disturbances. Next time you are in the mountains, notice the angles of rock strata, many have been heaved upwards at a 45 degree angle, or worse.
            Three passes ago it is said to have created Noah’s Flood, around 10,000 to 13,000 years ago.
            The Sumerians wrote of it, as did the Babylonians
            The last two times it passed, it may have destroyed Atlantis, and Lemura.
            The Mediterranean sea at present is covering several ruins of unknown civilizations.
            The tail of this system is believed to be trailed by asteroids. This is where the danger lies, if the Earth passes through this trail of asteroids we will possibly be struck.

          • Well, thanks. So, 40 years? That’s the US Bicentennial! Remember it well, I do! Where did one research Planet X in 1976?
            So, now if there’s an entire planetary system, including a brown-dwarf star, and this whole business is currently INSIDE the orbit of Pluto, and I can _see_ pluto with my modest ‘scope, although not very clearly, this means that the rest of the amateur astronomy community, as well as the paid folks, should be going nuts right about now.
            But they aren’t. Millions of amateur astronomers, with scopes and setups way better than mine, many with blogs…silence.
            Also, again, if this brown dwarf is part of a binary with our sun, then they are in orbit around each other. If someone is sure the thing exists, then someone must be sure of the orbital parameters, as that’s basically how you prove the thing is a binary with our sun. It moves in a predictable way, like a comet, asteroid or planet.
            To this day there are no orbital parameters forthcoming that I’ve found, have you?
            How can anyone believe the thing is dangerous, or even exists, without knowing the orbital parameters?
            They’d be stuff like “argument of periapsis”, “reference direction”, “longitude of ascending node”, “inclination”, “true anomaly”, that sort of thing. Ever seen any of these parameters for planet X mentioned in your 40 years of research?
            They’re required to be able to say anything about where the thing is, and where it’s going.

          • In those 40 years you’ve been reading about Planet X, and it hasn’t shown up, have you ever come across some orbital parameters for it? What is Planet X in orbit around? If you google orbital parameters there are plenty of diagrams, and it’s easy to understand how they work.

          • An article I read a couple of weeks ago said the binary outer star the planet-x group orbits is called Nemisis

          • OK, so this binary twin of the sun is physically in a particular direction.
            Read this and understand that every direction away from Earth has two coordinates. Right Ascension and Declination.
            So, this Nemisis star has to be in some direction away from the Earth.
            Everything physically in this galaxy, visible or invisible including galaxies _outside_ of this galaxy, has these two coordinates away from Earth.
            Note that these coordinates don’t change unless the object physically moves, they’re independent of time or location on the Earth.
            So, which direction is “Nemisis” in?

      • It’s still BS. There are tons of amateur/non NASA affiliated astronomers out there who would have sounded the alarm by now. We’re not living in the 80s for gawd’s sake.

      • Sure, sure. But if they had seen a planet was about to collide with Earth in about 30 days, you don’t think the innate decency of people would dictate they would say “eff the rules, I’m leaking this”? They would.
        Anyway, this was clearly BS as predicted. Since we are now in April.

  2. NASA lies about everything after the announced they found Planet X immediately after launching IRAS specifically to look for it. Nibiru will pass earth about 2 years after the USA is annihilated by the SCO. A small moon will break up and hit the pacific ocean though.
    The entire government are evil treasonous criminals. The day of the next false flag using the nuke they stole in 2007 and blamed on Iran, America will be destroyed by Russia, China and the SCO. This is the war of Armageddon and you can know it is now because of Planet X and the toxic chemtrails that hide it every day. Planet X will end the war when it rips the earth apart again but 90% of Americans will be dead already. All planned by your evil government.

    • “NASA lies about everything”
      OK, so…
      “after the announced they found Planet X”
      which they may have been lying about
      “immediately after launching IRAS specifically to look for it.”
      Who said that was what it was for? NASA? But aren’t they liars?
      “Nibiru will pass earth about 2 years after the USA is annihilated by the SCO.”
      Where does this information come from? Did you make it up?
      “A small moon will break up and hit the pacific ocean though.”
      OK, great.
      So, where is Planet X right now? What are its orbital parameters?

      • Yes, of course, if they are digging bunkers, it must be for that Planet X.
        Got any locations for any new bunkers less than 10 years old?

        • Good old planet X.
          I’m just glad they aren’t building bunkers for something irrelevant like nuclear war.

          • It’s funny, throughout the 20th century, nearly every country has built at least some bunker complexes. Some more elaborate than others.
            Seems most of those could be re-purposed if required. Underground stuff is always expensive, and stuff that’s already been bought has to be cheaper.
            The old AT&T microwave repeaters each had a pretty solid bunker right on top of a mountain, all around the East and West coasts. Was pretty cool that they had communications antennas on these mountains made out of concrete.
            Some of those have been re-purposed.

  3. Let’s face it, a collision with anything larger than a few miles in diameter will likely kill everything on planet earth.
    You can have all the foreknowledge you need to hide in a bunker and hoard all the supplies you can find. However, a “planet killer” means there is no place for you to hide and hope for better times.
    Oh yes; this is now the middle of May. I guess we were safe in March, after all.

  4. er, March 2016? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!! I must be on some distant planet where it is already almost June 2016
    It is coming but not quite yet!!

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