Nikolas Cruz told family he was living with that he was going to inherit $800,000 when he turned 22

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Nikolas Cruz: ‘We had this monster living under our roof and we didn’t know.’

They think Cruz moved out of the home of his late mom’s friend in Lantana because of tension about his guns and a possible misunderstanding about money.
Cruz told them he stood to inherit at least $800,000 from his deceased parents. Most of the money would come when he turned 22, he said. The Sneads have since seen paperwork they think supports the claim he was going to be very financially comfortable.
I hate to even post this as this family is probably completely innocent, but isn’t it interesting?
James, 48, is a decorated army veteran and a military intelligence analyst who served stints in the Middle East between 1988 and 1996. Kimberly, 49, is a neonatal intensive care nurse who cares for premature and ill babies.
Bennett said Lynda Cruz had named Deschamps — a longtime friend and a former neighbor in Broward County — as the siblings’ guardian, but she has no paperwork to confirm that. He said the family has been unable to find Lynda Cruz’s will.
“We tore the house apart,” he said.
Bennett said Deschamps, who works at a company that employs yacht crews, never received any money from Lynda Cruz, saying, “everything has been out of her pocket.”
Court records show Deschamps filed a petition Thursday to administer Lynda Cruz’s estate.
CRUZ-Roger P. suddenly on August 11, 2004. President of Robert Mark Enterprise, Inc.
”People think that because you’re in business in Westchester, you’re not doing well. I do a $40-million-a-year printing business. Some people I meet in sports think, gee, I must be going out of business. Why else would I be in Westchester?”
The major business is the huge commercial printing company called Robert Mark Enterprises (a son of his partner, Roger Cruz, is named Robert while one of Mr. Weiner’s four sons is Mark). Mr. Weiner’s daughter, Ellen, is his secretary and another son, Jeffrey, is in the business. The firm is in the Westchester Tower, where it has a complete floo
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