No American city ranks in 30 best places to live… Vienna tops quality of living

“European cities continue to have the highest quality of living in the world, with Vienna (1), Zurich (2) and Munich (3) not only ranking first, second and third in Europe, but also globally,” the report revealed, adding that “as many as 13 of the world’s top 20 spots were taken by European cities.”

20 cities with the highest quality of living

1. Vienna

2. Zurich

3. Vancouver/Munich/Auckland

6. Duesseldorf, Germany

7. Frankfurt

8. Copenhagen

9. Geneva

10. Basel, Switzerland

11. Sydney/Amsterdam

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13. Berlin

14. Bern, Switzerland

15. Wellington, New Zealand

16. Toronto

17. Melbourne, Australia

18. Luxembourg

19. Ottawa/Hamburg


You’ll have to scroll all the way down to the 34th spot to find an American city. That honor goes to San Francisco, followed closely by Boston (36), Honolulu (37), New York (44), Seattle (46), Chicago (49), Washington, D.C. (53), Philadelphia (54) and Pittsburgh (59).

The city of 1.9 million is also nicknamed “red Vienna” for having long been run by the political left, with cheap public services and abundant social housing


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