“No Justice, No Peace”: Antifa, Communists, BLM Rally in London on May Day

Antifa, communist, Black Lives Matter, feminist, labour union, and environmentalist activists rallied in London on Saturday to mark International Workers’ Day, or May Day.

The May Day march, which was organised by the radical feminist organisation Sisters Uncut in conjunction with the BLM-style splinter groups All Black Lives UK and the 4 Front Project, as well as the “racial justice education” group No More Exclusions, saw thousands of far-left activists take to the streets of London.

Aside from celebrating the communist holiday, the ‘Kill the Bill’ demonstration was also against the proposed Police, Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill, which seeks to grant police greater powers to break up “disruptive” protests in Britain.

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The protest began at noon in Trafalgar Square in central London, where leftists carried Socialist Worker signs and activists handed out far-left pamphlets, including from the International Communist League (Fourth Internationalist).



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