No More Bank Bailouts…AUDIT the FED!!! Yellow Vest Movement Coming To America?

by Thinker

Watching from the balcony, most in the audience still aren’t what act were in. Has the fluoride really dumbed Americans down that much??? Haven’t drank or consumed it since watching the Youtube documentary “Our Water” The Great Culling.

How has “deep state” been able to pull the wool over the eyes of Americans???

What they put in the water,(fluoride is listed as a poison, satans ads say “Its good for you) food, (GMO’s that study in France showed results from corn gave rats tumors)and air (1977 gov. signed law to spray people with anything)making Americans who don’t care!!!

Who hates Americans???

Those who have conspired, destroyed, poisoned, lied to reach positions of power and control to get the job done. What went wrong? Hillary Clinton didn’t win…DONALD J. TRUMP DID!