Nobody Is Noticing The Electric Car PsyOp

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by gggghhhhzzzz

  1. Raise gas prices
  2. People start complaining because they cannot afford gas for their cars
  3. Taunt people by telling them to “Just buy a Tesla”
  4. People get progressively angrier at these statements
  5. The Government finally offers people the “opportunity” to switch to an electric car, realizing their “errors in judgement!”
  6. You have to trade your gas car though
  7. Past legislation like the Infrastructure Bill and the Zero-Emission Vehicle Program has made sure to pre-emptively ensure the creation of charging stations and other facilities for electric cars, as well as outright banning gas cars by 2030-2040
  8. You are now owning a fully controllable car, and the funniest part is, you probably asked for it
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I’m calling this chess game in advance

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