None of this makes sense and it’s on purpose

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by natetheproducer

Like many of you I have been completely dumbfounded by the collective silliness I’ve witnessed over the last year. If anybody else has been paying attention you’ve probably noticed that things haven’t been making perfect sense and people are still going along with it.


Walking into a resturant with a mask on and then taking it off to eat doesn’t make sense. Restaurants are filled with masses of people in enclosed spaces, during a pandemic, and this is totally acceptable. This makes literally zero sense.

But the vaccines are here so we can go back to normal right??!! Wrong. Being vaccinated means that you still have to follow the exact same rules as everybody else because we don’t know if the vaccines stop transmission.

We don’t know whether the vaccines stop the spread of the virus, think about how much sense that makes.

On top of that we are currently applying more and more pressure on unvaccinated people. Not wanting an mRNA therapy means that you’re a hateful Karen now. And while everybody is going to be guilting you for not getting vaccinated, THEY WILL SIMULTANEOUSLY BE WEARING A MASK BECAUSE WE DON’T KNOW IF THE VACCINES STOP THE SPREAD. LET ME BREAK IT DOWN FOR YOU RIGHT NOW, THEY DONT.

So you need to get vaccinated to save grandma but we don’t know if getting vaccinated saves grandma. They’re trying to get you to willingly comply with stupidity. This is a plan to demoralize you.

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Let’s look at covid vs vaccine deaths. Are any deaths within 28 days of being vaccinated being counted as vaccine deaths? If an old 85 year old with comorbidity’s dies after getting vaccinated does that count as a vaccine death. If that exact same person were to have gotten covid would it be considered a covid death?

And how accurate is the 500k covid deaths number? Do we know how accurate pcr testing is? What cycle rates did we test at? 40? 35? 30? Can pcr tests detect other viral particles and mistake it for covid? None of this is mentioned in the mainstream narrative for a reason.

We are being systematically demoralized. We are being trained so that things don’t need to make sense for us to comply. We are being taught that truth is irrelevant and the hive mind is the most important thing. The very concept of individualism will be attacked viciously in the coming months and years. Have your own thoughts and opinions? Great now you’re a danger to everybody around you. In a post covid society having your own opinions can get others killed. If you don’t wear your mask and get your vaccine you’re a murderer, a free thinking individualistic murderer.

Right now the world is being split up between people who accept demoralization and people who don’t.

I don’t care what everybody says around me, IF SOMETHING DOESNT MAKE SENSE I DONT DO IT, PERIOD, END OF DISCUSSION. I still know how to put 2 and 2 together and I will be damned if I let somebody take that away from me. I don’t need anybody around me to tell me that 2+2=4. I can count the numbers in my own head and I can prove it to myself. This is what TPTB are trying to take from you, not just your freedom but your autonomy. Your autonomy is the real prize.

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