Norm Eisen, Democrat Impeachment Counsel, Linked to George Soros – Orchestrating the Overturn of the 2020 Election

Norm Eisen is an integral key figure in the ‘color revolution’ we are seeing unfold. Eisen’s current role is to put in place the mechanisms to overturn our 2020 election.


Antifa riots may be part of Democrat power grab: Devine

Imagine you were at a restaurant and BLM-Antifa protesters descended on you, threw your food on the ground, broke plates, overturned chairs, tossed a potted plant into your oyster platter and forced you to leave.

That’s what happened in upstate Rochester Friday night at the Ox and Stone, and across the road at Swan Dive, when hundreds of protesters chanting “Black lives matter” chased off frightened diners.

“We’re shutting your party down,” a woman shouts in footage aired by FreedomNews TV…

This rolling campaign of anti-police street violence is killing Biden’s bid for the presidency — just look at private polling in crucial swing states such as Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, where law and order has become a decisive issue.

So why don’t Democratic leaders do more to condemn the violence and call for calm?

To understand their inaction, you need to step back and see street violence as one element of a coordinated “playbook” to dislodge President Trump, regardless of the outcome of the election.

This is the thesis of political theorist Dr. Darren Beattie, a former Duke University professor and White House official.

The playbook is straight from the strategies the US government has deployed in so-called “Color Revolutions” in Eastern European countries, such as Ukraine or Belarus, to remove “authoritarian” leaders deemed hostile to American interests…

BLM-Antifa’s “mostly peaceful protests” are America’s version of Ukraine’s Orange Revolution, where civil unrest was fomented on the streets to oust a Kremlin-backed authoritarian.

In an interview, Beattie noted “strong parallels” between “color revolutions” overseas and the “sustained coordinated coup against Trump” — from the Russia collusion hoax to his impeachment over Ukraine.

“The very same regime change professionals … assigned to overthrow ‘authoritarians’ in Eastern Europe are the ones running this operation against Trump. It is the same playbook run by the same people.”

The Color Revolution playbook starts by creating the narrative of an authoritarian, illegitimate leader. Then you foment unrest on the streets, aimed at provoking an authoritarian crackdown that can be used to mobilize further unrest.

You undermine people’s faith in the election process, setting up a contested outcome that turns into street fighting.

At the same time, you wage relentless “lawfare” to contest ballots. Ultimately the military may be called upon to dislodge the incumbent.

An added twist for America is that Democrats have used the pandemic to institute mass, unsolicited mail-in ballots, which historically are open to fraud and coercion, an experiment which will leave the election result undecided on Nov. 3…

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Norm Eisen, Democrat Impeachment Counsel, Linked to George Soros

Eisen founded Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) before going on to work for President Barack Obama as the White House “ethics czar,” where he oversaw the opening of visitor logs (though administration officials simply responded by taking meetings with lobbyists offsite)…

Impeachment Counsel Norm Eisen Has Ties to George Soros Cash

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Norm Eisen, who has been chosen by Democrats in the House Judiciary Committee to serve as their counsel in charge of questioning “expert” witnesses during the panel’s first hearing on Wednesday, founded an organization that received over $1 million in funding from left-wing money man George Soros.

Eisen formed Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) before being selected by Barack Obama to serve as the administration’s “ethics czar.”

Soros’ Open Society Institute was an early funder of CREW, which is known for its left-wing slant. Open Society donated $1.35 million to CREW in 2017 alone.

In August, the Washington Times reported that CREW was providing pro bono legal assistance for the 2017 lawsuit filed by Maryland and the District of Columbia that claimed President Trump has violated the domestic and foreign emoluments clauses of the U.S. Constitution because his hotels are used by foreign public leaders…

Is This A Soros Linked Group Plotting A “Color Revolution”? – Dan Bongino Show Clips

Transition Integrity Project: Is this Soros Linked Group Plotting a “Color Revolution” Against President Trump?

Transition Integrity Project:

So what is the Transition Integrity Project, and what does it have to do with the Color Revolution against Trump? Here is how friendly media outlets represent the Transition Integrity Project and its agenda:

A bipartisan group of about 80 political operatives and academics has been involved in discussions about what could happen if President Donald Trump were to lose the November election and then contest the results, potentially refusing to leave the White House.

The Boston Globe first reported on Sunday that the group of Democrats and Republicans (all of whom oppose the president) convened an online meeting to hash out scenarios as part of what has been called the Transition Integrity Project in June. [Newsweek]

Of course, what they do not say about this ostensibly “bipartisan” group is that its founder, Rosa Brooks, is a long-time close associate of George Soros and his Open Society Foundation. She served both as special counsel to the President at George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and as a Board Member of the Open Society Foundation.

In 2006-2007, Brooks was Special Counsel to the President at the Open Society Institute in New York. Brooks has also served as a consultant for Human Rights Watch… She currently serves on the advisory board of the Open Society Foundation’s US Programs, the advisory board of National Security Action and the board of the Harper’s Magazine Foundation. [Georgetown Law]

Media outlets such as the National Pulse have drawn attention Rosa Brooks’ Soros connections as well as some interesting connections to Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden. It is certainly suspicious that the head of a group claiming to be bipartisan, which runs war games that reinforce the dangerous new talking point that President Trump won’t concede the election, just happens to be linked to George Soros and Joe Biden. To top it all off, Never Trump Russiagate fanatics Bill Kristol and David Frum participated in the study as well. In fact, the entire project appears to be a collaboration between establishment Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans. Shockingly, when anti-Trump Republicans pretended to be him in a simulation, they had him do a bunch of illegal and unconstitutional acts! Wow, what an incredibly revealing simulation!…

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I have faith that our Constitution is the bulwark that will thwart this globalist, Marxist, leftist coup. We have to be vigilant and diligent against election fraud.

The majority of Americans do not want a Civil War – only an angry mob of BLM/Antifa, leftists are agitating towards that and are turning more and more Americans off. It’s backfiring. Americans are sick of the anarchy, BLM is losing support and more people are turning to vote for Trump – to vote against the rabid leftists that Biden/Harris supports.

BLM approval ratings is decreasing all over the US – Americans are seeing BLM for the terrorist organization it is:
Black Lives Matter Approval Plunges in Wisconsin


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