NOT OVER YET! Entire FBI, Muller In SERIOUS TROUBLE After Levin Tells All

by Thinker

Every day more information on the failure of special council/DOJ in previous cases showing the reason for holding out. No one who has committed crimes wants the “TRUTH” to be told and it would seem that those who “DON”T” want the border, have something to hide. Those secrets are spilling out of the cracks. Trump knows everything and the biggest fear, are the taped that incriminate a huge number of government employee’s.

Clinton, Mueller Shaking! SEE What Corsi UNCOVERED From Stone Probe!

What is happening in D.C., is an eye opener to how divided politicians are. Those who are the lifers who have lived off the government for decades, clinging on to the old ways. Donald J. Trump is bringing in the “NEW” way, and that’s PEOPLE 1st! Only those from the old system of enslavement are who fight against the “TRUTH” and Donald J. Trump. History continues to give the answer to every move the POTUS makes!

There are men and women with honor, and those without. Trump only look for those with, that are committed to the people, & security of the USA.