NOVEMBER: Massive asteroid danger to Earth: NASA to strike Didymos asteroid with a rocket

Is this the BIG ONE? The reason for all the insanity going on?

There are MANY recent news articles about this- put “didymos ” into a search engine and see for yourself. This is just one of many :

In November, NASA will undertake a major risk-averting mission in an attempt to tackle an asteroid that may pose an enormous collision threat to Earth. The mission is called DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) and its target is hazardous near-earth binary asteroid Didymos.

A binary asteroid means that Didymos consists of two bodies, the primary one being 780 meters in length whereas the secondary body (called moonlet) spanning 160 meters in size. The secondary body falls in the range of space bodies that have the most chances of posing a threat of collision with Earth.

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NASA is going to slam a spacecraft into an asteroid. Things might get chaotic.

A new simulation shows that when the DART mission hits the target asteroid, it could send it spinning and wobbling in a dramatic way.


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