Now We Have to Kill the Ethanol Scam

by Chris Black

Most US food is used for non-food purposes specifically so we have capacity always running.

So in an emergency a non-retarded government could shut it off, because there is really no reason to put ethanol in gas, besides making gas shitty.

Ethanol in gas it’s what causes gas to fuck up your engine if you let it sour, or why old cars O2 sensors break.

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The “green” energy part has always been retarded due to amount of energy spent to make ethanol has always been more than what you get. Would be nice for it to finally die, and save a lot of generators every year as well.

Most broken generators are due to letting the ethanol sour in the tank. You can find gas stations with zero percent ethanol and that gas never sours.

Ethanol is literally there to prop up farmers when there isn’t enough consumption.

But if corn doesn’t need that subsidy this year, it’ll have to be diverted to domestic food supply.


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