NRA Ad with Dana Loesche – FANTASTIC!

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8 thoughts on “NRA Ad with Dana Loesche – FANTASTIC!

  1. Do US blacks realize that Obama speaks fluent Indonesian? How many US inner city blacks speak fluent Indonesian?
    NRA all the way!

    • Many black men and women were at last weekend’s Florida Gun Show.
      They too, can read between the lines, the writing is on the wall, and
      they are waking up…Obama?…Indonesia?….who cares?

    • Do deys only speek ebonics…… and the spinks only speeka de spanish…. but deys understand reel good the free gubmit $$$$$$$$!!!

    • We already have gun control. Gun confiscation is their highest priority. On top of the list. After that the rest comes easy.

      • The Commies have been chipping away at our gun rights for years….nothing is beyond them actually killing people to make this happen….you know Collateral Damage….. I know Sandy Hook was a crisis actor heaven and each family that participated in this got at least ONE MILLION DOLLARS EACH!!!! Nice payday….I wonder what the new SD school building is going to look like? Probably cost at LEAST $100 Million seeing as they have some really crooked contractors in Broward County that need some Freemason work!!! The City of Ft Lauderdale has a street, Las Olas Boulevard, that has been repaved a zillion times….had the swales redone umpteen times with expensive 30′ coconut trees, 4′ decorative walls….. and then about 2 years later they would totally re-do Las Olas Boulevard AGAIN!!! Just how many times can a one mile stretch of roadway be redone? I don’t know….but just ask Ft Lauderdale….they’re the expert in wasting money on repaving already good roads and totally ignoring other well traveled roads with potholes for YEARS!!!

        • chicago,detroit and many inetrstates are examples of wasteful politics – just like an example you described in fl.
          it seems like feudal lords taxing their subjects for their families gain giving nothing in return…

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