Number “1” State In the World Thanks To U.S. Military, Politicians, & Citizens!

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by Thinker

It cannot be denied, that Israel is the greatest state in the world that can directly be contributed to U.S. political votes for wars and sanctions around the world, the billions of dollars U.S. citizens give to Israel over the needs of their own people, and being the largest drone manufacturer in the world…supply and demand. Israel is the only country in the world who has never had its nuclear weapons inspected, but has demanded other nations have been a threat from theirs. How many nuclear weapons are stockpiled in Israel??? Enough, that every citizen has a government issued gas mask!!!

When a nation can talk another into giving it billions of dollars while it has millions homeless and hungry…they win!!! Where is the mainstream media, Gates Foundation, your politician???

Republicans Outraged Obama Only Gave Israel $38 Billion

When a nation can call on another to fight its wars to save its own soldiers from death…they win!!! What war has been fought to make a difference for the American people and the USA???

When a nation can put its people all over the world in positions of power and control…they win!!! Israeli Prime Minister meets Jewish members of Congress

1. Congressional members in meeting room
2. US Senator Joe Lieberman
3. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz
4. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon enters room
5. Close-up of Sharon speaking
6. Meeting
7. Sharon
8. Pan from camera to Sharon
9. Representative Henry Waxman and Representative Jane Harman listening
10. Wide shot of Blair House and Pennsylvania Avenue
11. Israeli flag flying at Blair House
12. US Vice President Dick Cheney walking from White House to Blair House, pull out to wide shot

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US political system ‘controlled by Jewish-Zionist interests’

It isn’t about the party, position, nationality, or wealth of a person, it’s all about the content of their character that is defined by their actions. How well do you know the politicians that speak for you??? The political system in the United States is “controlled by Jewish-Zionist interests” and “designed to prevent public participation,” an American activist and radio host in Los Angeles, California says. Recent remarks by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin ® and other Republicans calling for the impeachment of President Barack Obama “is all theatrics, its all fraud which is another proper term for the American Constitution and political system,” said Rodney Martin, a former US Congressional staffer.

A new poll by CNN/ORC International shows more than one third of people in the United States think Obama should be impeached by Congress. (Not An American!!!)

“The American political system and the American constitution is designed to prevent change and all this talk about impeachment is just designed to appeal to the Republican base” and “to try to fool the American public into thinking that there are two different parties when in fact there is not,” Martin told Press TV on Sunday. “Under the American constitution, the American public has little to no say despite all the American rhetoric and bravado about democracy and the shining city on the hill and that the United States is going to bring democracy around the world,” he noted.

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Martin said the only solution for creating real change in the US political system is a “Constitutional convention and a revision to the Constitution or a new Constitution that would allow for multiple parties, but these two parties that are basically controlled by Jewish-Zionist interests will never allow that because then they would lose their lock on power.”

Who has fought for, starved for, and gone broke to support the people and state of Israel???


Murdered Bush Aide/Veteran Was An Expert In Chemical & Biological Warfare, Had Highest Security Clearances – Who was he going to expose in Washington that has betrayed the American people and conspired against the nation??? FBI Failed Investigation that the Trump “Drain the Swamp” getting closer to reopening??? A man with connections to three presidents, that mainstream media didn’t cover his funeral, because no one showed up??? Where were the presidents that John Wheeler served??? Not one attended his funeral??? Trump transparency looking back at FBI cases that don’t seem to be finished.


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