Nunes on Bartiromo – 8 criminal referrals to DOJ this week

Fox News article on this


3 Criminal referrals

1) Conspiracy FISA Abuse (could be 2 dozen involved, he mentioned strzok and page.

2) Conspiracy manipulating intel

3) Global leak – 12 highly sensitive classified leaked by reporters (2 or 3 reporters involved)

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DOJ may or may not already have cases open. Goes directly to AG.

He mentioned how hillary took info from Russia.

Brennan walking around with CIA title manufacturing lies. Do we really want these CIA/DIA on TV spouting LIES? We need to look at. TV contracts should be outlawed?

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mueller had them lying in Congress to further obstruct.

Nunes “Manufactured HOAX. I don’t really care what any of them say, they have egg on their faces.”



h/t TurquoiseLover