Nvidia just announced a 2 PETAFLOP 512GB Graphics card for Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning

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Its primary use will be crunching through big data, such as your facebook and google meta data and turning it into robust understandable data about you.

a single 10,000 watt graphics card, with 512GB HBM2 running at 14.4 TB/s and combining 16 Tesla V100s.

It goes inside their new supercomputer which the size of a large box, and has 2 xeon platinums, 1.5TB of RAM, 30TB of NVME SSDs 8 EDR infinibands and a powerful NVlink Plane card to connect it to more of them at super high speed.

Artificial Intelligence is not slowing down, its barreling down on us like a steam train. Unstoppable.

Basically the box is about the size of an old 20″ box style tv.
It costs just $400,000 and uses 10KW But its 2 petaflops.

The fastest supercomputer in America is the TITAN at 17 Petaflops, it fills a very large room and consumes 8,209 KW.




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