NY Fed Repo Website Down, Fed Balance Sheet Doesn’t Move Despite More Term Repo This Week

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by Jason Burack of Wall St for Main Street

The Fed’s official balance sheet has not budged in over a month despite record amounts of term repo done this week and a number of Federal Reserve Bank presidents are worried about the Federal Reserve balance sheet, if it’s growing too quickly and if it has affected US stock prices.

NY Fed daily repo website down unexpectedly over 24 hours for “maintenance:” apps.newyorkfed.org/500.html

“I believe very strongly we’re going to need to find a way to curtail the growth in the balance sheet,” said Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan at a moderated discussion earlier this month. He has called the program a “derivative” of QE and worried the recent intervention was fueling “excesses and imbalances that may be hard to deal with later.”

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