NYC Doctors Charged For Dishing Out MILLIONS of Opioids Without Examining Patients!

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by Thinker

Keeping Americans doped up and dumbed down has just about destroyed most major towns.

Daily Mail Reports:

Drs Carl Anderson, Dante Cubangbang, Nkanga Nkanga, Anthony Pietropinto and Nadem Sayegh on Thursday. They worked in Manhattan on Fifth Avenue, the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island. They were charged with running an illegal prescription drug mill that resulted in multiple deaths and several overdoses. Prosecutors say they often prescribed pills under other people’s names and without physically examining patients. In return, many of them received cash payments or luxury gifts such as alcohol, dinners and all-expenses paid vacations:…ients.html

Flashback 2010 – Pedophilia at Hospitals – You Won’t Trust the Stranger on the Corner, but a man/woman you don’t know with a certificate on the wall, without even knowing them???

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Our natural tendency is to trust policemen, doctors, school teachers, and government officials, but an amazingly large percentage of the human population has serious mental disorders, and they are destructive, parasitic, and dangerous. Even though our police departments and courts are corrupt, they sometimes arrest the lunatics among them. Three examples are:…itals.html

2009 – Identical Twin Pediatricians Both Charged With Pedophilia

Mark and Scott Blankenburg of Hamilton, Ohio, are identical twins. But the 53-year-old siblings share many traits beyond their identical facial features. They’re both pediatricians, and for years, the two men were well regarded professionals with successful practices. The brothers also lived together and neither one was married. They were both budding amateur photographers — taking hundreds of pictures at Hamilton High School sporting events.

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Now the siblings share something else as well — they’re both facing multiple sex charges involving young boys. “This is a very bizarre case … I have been doing this for 25 years, and every time I think I have seen the most bizarre, weird case, another one comes along and this one is it,” said Robin Piper, the prosecuting attorney for Butler County.

The case against the twins is basically this: Prosecutors allege that, for years, both men had sex with underage males — including some patients. In some cases, prosecutors allege, the doctors paid for that underage sex, other times they bribed the teens to keep quiet. In addition, Mark Blankenburg is charged with providing prescription drugs to minors.

Piper said that:…id=8775793


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