NYC mayorde Blasio Ready to lock the city down if infection rate gets to 2%, and its at 1.92%

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Mayor de Blasio warned Thursday that the city has seen a “meaningful jump” in the COVID infection rate, saying there could be a return to “huge restrictions” if the situation is not brought under control.

He pointed to a key metric for gauging the outbreak, the seven-day average rate at which New Yorkers are testing positive. The latest figure came to 1.92%, and Hizzoner previously said if the number reaches 2%, the city will consider ending indoor dining at restaurants, though the decision is ultimately left to the state government.

“This is the first time the number has taken a meaningful jump, to 1.92%,” de Blasio said at a press conference. “That alone is not a number that would overwhelm us, but the growth is what worries me and we cannot allow that number to keep growing.”


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