NYPD Considering Deploying DOA Teams To Collect Bodies

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The NYPD considered forming “DOA Teams” to help collect the mounting number of bodies left in the wake of the coronavirus, The Post has learned.

In an e-mail sent to precinct detective units Wednesday and obtained by The Post, brass asked for volunteers to form citywide squads to collect those deemed dead on arrival.

“The idea of creating a Borough DOA Team is being look [sic] at and we only want volunteers for it . . . no forcing anybody,” the message said. “It would be three teams (2 investigators per team).”

One team would work a 6 a.m.- to-2:30 p.m. shift, and the second a 6 p.m.-to-2:30 a.m. shift, according to the message.

The third group of body collectors would have more flexible hours.

The missive promised 60 hours of overtime per month for the grisly detail — twice the amount of OT allowed by the department ­under normal circumstances.

But police sources scoffed at the idea of a dead-body squad in the midst of the spreading COVID-19 virus — extra pay be damned.

“I would never do it for money,” one source said. “This could be life or death or long-term health disability. To make a few pennies extra is not worth the effects of it.”

Another source called the additional overtime “blood money.”



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