NYPD says they won't arrest illegal immigrants unless they break a law…. THEY'RE HERE ILLEGALLY!

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Cops ignoring crimes so the citizens are at great risk.
Where have we heard this happen before?
Judge refuses ICE request to detain illegal immigrant after bonding out on fatal hit and run
An illegal immigrant charged with vehicular homicide in a fiery crash on a Colorado interstate bonded out of jail Saturday, a week after the deadly hit-and-run incident, despite being wanted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Ivan Zamarripa-Castaneda, 26, allegedly fled the scene of the accident on Interstate 70 involving a tractor-trailer that caught on fire last week, leaving the driver to die, according to the Denver Police Department.
Why does an illegal immigrant have any constitutional rights anyways…they’re not a citizen?
h/t GrumpyGato

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3 thoughts on “NYPD says they won't arrest illegal immigrants unless they break a law…. THEY'RE HERE ILLEGALLY!

  1. They only prey on their sheeple residents. Avoid NY state, NYC and the NY Thruway where the highway robber trooper thugs are funding their pensions

  2. lol. Illegal immigrants are here illegally, that’s breaking the law.
    Lock ‘m up, and deport them or all you all resign!
    Oath keepers who will drain the swamp and renounce the madness of the Romish Jewish Jesuit satanic communist sycophants living out the their death cult Zionist war fantasy of supremacy and domination.
    lol. How unconstitutional is all that? Completely.

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