NYT – For Children under 4, Covid looks like a normal flu, if not a mild one

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Surprise! New York Times notices COVID for children like ‘mild flu’

Making the case for the ability of COVID vaccines to reduce the chances of hospitalization and death, New York Times columnist David Leonhardt pointed out the good news regarding young children, who are ineligible to be vaccinated.

“For (children), Covid looks like a normal flu, if not a mild one,” he wrote on Twitter, citing Centers for Disease Control statistics..

..The data show there is “no emergency in children regarding COVID-19,” Alexander concluded.

“Their innate immune systems are so very potent that they can vanquish this pathogen with ease in most instances,” he said. “So why would Pfizer and Moderna Inc. engage in trialing this vaccine on children with a death rate in this group of 0.003%?

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“They must show us why it is not dangerous to put this vaccine in children, and they have not.”



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