NYTimes is Looking for Biased Reporting Tips! Got some?

Wanna have some fun today? If yes, here is a grassroots action project for you!

Yesterday, The New York Times released a request “looking for examples of online ads, posts and texts that contain political disinformation or false claims and are being deliberately spread on internet platforms to try to influence local, statewide, and federal elections.”

The NYTimes is asking readers to submit screenshots of “suspicious posts or texts” to help their journalists “advance [their] reporting.”

If this is the case, I think we all have quite a lot of biased reporting examples we’d like to submit to show how leftist media outlets try to influence local, statewide, and federal elections… as well as win a propaganda war game with the American people as their test subjects.

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So, check out the link to the tip submission page and submit away. Share this fun task with friends and family. Ask them to help out!


h/t No Dhimmi