Obama fires up Democrats in Anaheim with an exploding heatwave and delta fire expanding

President Obama switched into campaign mode Saturday morning, rallying an army of die-hard Democratic activists who gathered to hear him speak in Orange County.
“We have the chance to flip the House of Representatives and make sure that we have checks and balances in Washington,” Obama said, as roars of applause filled a small room packed with hundreds of supporters and House campaign volunteers. “I cannot tell you, across the country, you can feel the energy, you can feel people saying, ‘Enough is enough!’”


California loosing millions daily due to shut-down of I-5

The fire shut down miles of Interstate 5 and there was no immediate word on when it would reopen. The blaze also delayed Amtrak’s Coast Starlight service between Sacramento and Oregon.

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Exploded last night to 37,000 Acres- O Containment

California Wildfire Continues to Keep Interstate Closed
A part of Interstate 5 remains closed in Northern California due to the Delta Wildfire.


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