Obama Refugee Scam $1,875 per Detainee for Corporate Caregiver – Who Got the Money?

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by Thinker

Why is the immigration system of the United States as corrupt as the feed the African campaigns? They both are using the poorest of the poor to profit off of and words that twist the truth, and those who sought to make it all happen.


Enough said to say to the American citizen, which is now confirmed by the Attorney Generals report, that profits from the poor were the main priority of the deep state. Immigration was another way to move unwanted refugees out of the land where bombs for profit have been dropped. Obama all for immigrants that he seemed to refer were brighter than Americans, and who we are? Did Obama just tell the Native Americans that they have been excluded from history of what America really is? A system that hasn’t stopped…empires conquering nations and claiming them as their own. When will the people be freed of dictatorships and lies? Ask yourself, “Why hasn’t a Native American every held the position of president of the United States…Conspiracy??? History repeats…taking the land and moving the refugees into a camp or another country. In the U.S. Native Americans moved from their lands and place on reservations, that are called by another name today…refugee camps.

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Hillary Clinton: Deportation makes no sense – ( Clinton Foundation Work in Haiti Contradicts everything Hillary says) The children were separated from their parents by the Obama/Clinton administration. Children for profits and pedophiles and Hillary talking about the five and six year olds coming into U.S. unescorted.

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Wake up world…Immigration is a Business and a Profitable One at That!

Fear Of Immigrants Is A Multi-Million Dollar Industry – The Ring Of Fire

As it turns out, hating immigrants isn’t just a great way for Republicans to energize their base, it’s also a great way to repay some of their corporate campaign donors. With the recent fervor over keeping immigrants from entering the United States, the business of border security is absolutely booming, creating a lot of wealth for a few individuals. And if Republicans get their way and finally build a wall that stretches across our southern border, you can bet that Republican donors will get their cement mixers ready to roll. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses the big business of border security with attorney Howard Nations.


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