OBAMAGATE: “President Obama’s Hands are Dirty. They Are Beyond Dirty. He Has Judicial Blood On His Hands.”

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“President Obama’s Hands are Dirty. They Are Beyond Dirty. He Has Judicial Blood On His Hands.” – Former US Attorney Joe diGenova

Former US Attorney Joe diGenova was again on the Monday morning radio show – Mornings on the Mall and he dropped some shocking statements about former President Obama and his Administration.

Right after the 3:10 mark, diGenova says the following:

And, [Obama] says in that meeting, according to Susan Rice, he wants to be kept informed so he can decide whether or not they are going to withhold classified information from the incoming administration involving Russia. That is sedition. That is beyond anything we ever heard about a President leaving office, doing this to his successor. What Obama did in that office was sedition on that day.

Next at the 7:00 mark, diGenova says:

President Obama’s hands are dirty. They are beyond dirty. He has judicial blood on his hands. He is responsible for this injustice. He could have stopped it. He could have said, ‘what are you idiots doing. This is against the duly elected President of the United States, Donald Trump. Why are you doing this?’

At the 10:00 mark diGenova then says:

People forget, because the MSM will not cover the FISA Court decision that two Chief Justices of the FISA Court, Collier and Bossberg, have written multiple opinions, scathing opinions, accusing the Obama FBI and Justice Department of violating the constitutional privacy of American citizens by unmasking and leaking that information to the press.





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