Obama’s Police State Dream Is Coming True:The U.S. Capitol Police have been authorized to open field offices in two states

The U.S. Capitol Police have been authorized to open field offices in two states, Florida and California, ostensibly to investigate threats against members of Congress. A Capitol Police spokesperson said additional field offices will be opening, prompting fears of a massive federal law enforcement overreach: the nightmare scenario of a police state.

I predict the Capitol Police expansion is a move toward abolishing all state and local law enforcement agencies, and replacing them with a nationwide federal law enforcement presence. Why? Because according to Democrats, state and local police departments are racist institutions that keep the boot of white supremacy on the neck of black America.

If state and local police are abolished, we will be living in a de facto police state, where the only law enforcement personnel will be those who swear allegiance to the Democratic Party and its Marxist agenda.

The elimination of state and local police will lead to an ideological cleansing of what will be a totally politicized federal police force with a mission no different than that assigned to Mao’s Red Guards. Like all police states, a police state here in America will lead to ruthless repression of political dissenters.

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Some of what his puppet in the White House is currently doing:

● Setting the stage to eliminate state and local law enforcement agencies

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● Giving a presidential green light to a nationwide presence for the Capitol Police

● Denying due process to hundreds of imprisoned U.S. citizens accused of breaking the law on January 6th

● Refusing to release 14,000 hours of Jan. 6 surveillance video that could undermine the government’s “insurrection” narrative

● Initiating a dirty alliance with leftwing Silicon Valley to rigidly control what web content citizens are allowed to see

Our country’s first America-hating president is smiling once again, as the Police State he has long coveted is being set in motion.



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